Reactivate An Existing Security System

If you are an existing Bay Alarm customer, transferring your home or business security system to a new location is easy. Call 1-800-610-1000 or submit this form to update your account and let us know you’re moving.


Activate Your Home or Business Security System

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Your Home Security System and the Bay Alarm Relocation Guarantee*

  1. If your new home doesn’t have a security system, we’ll install a basic system for free.
  2. If there’s already a Bay Alarm system in your new home, we’ll reactivate it for free. (Even if it’s not a Bay Alarm system, we may be able to use existing parts.)
  3. Want an upgraded alarm system in your new home? We’ll give you a discount on the new installation!

*Some exclusions apply.

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Are you a business owner or manager, or someone who has a stake in protecting a business from theft or fire? As experts in commercial property security since 1946, the Bay Alarm family is proud to bring all our knowledge and experience together for your benefit in this one, valuable, ready-to-download resource.

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