Benefits of Wireless Home Security

When looking for a security system for your home and family, there are many things that you may consider. One of the considerations that may not cross your mind until later in the decision process is whether you want a wireless or a traditional wired security system. Wireless home security comes with ease as well as many other great benefits.

5 Great Reasons to Consider
a Wireless Home Security System

  1. Easy Installation – The most obvious detail of having a wireless home security system, is no wires. Wireless systems are designed with the end user’s ease in mind. You can place your system anywhere in your home, without having to worry about unsightly wires and cables.
  2. Flexible Placement – Some wireless home security cameras only need an AC outlet, and some use their own power source or battery pack to keep them running. With these options, you can move your units to more convenient, or more demanding locations, without the worry of re-wiring.
  3. Reliability – When your system is programmed and wired into your home and power system, if your power goes out, so do your security cameras. When your system is wireless, and running on its own power system, your system stays on if your power goes out.
  4. Supports Larger Systems – Many larger homes can only support a few security cameras. With a wireless system, larger properties can hold double, or triple the amount of cameras. So you can have every part of your large property monitored.
  5. Not Permanent – You can easily take your security system with you if you move, without having to get all of the wires and cables that come with a wired system installed in your new home.

How Does a Wireless
Home Security System Work?

With the technology of today, having a landline in your home is almost a rare occurrence. Because of this, people are turning toward wireless systems. Wireless security systems use radio frequency technology and communicate through your wireless or cellular network. The video and sometimes audio that is received is transmitted over this network to a receiver that connects to your viewing device. Your wireless camera footage can be accessed and viewed from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Explore Home Security Options

Bay Alarm can help you figure out the right security system for you and your home. Our home security systems do not require a phone line. They use an independent cellular connection that cannot be cut by intruders and the home camera systems are completely wireless.

Ready to learn more about the security system options that make sense for your home? Bay Alarm is here to answer all of your questions. Set up an appointment and get a free custom quote.