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Is your commercial property an open door for thieves?

It’s an important question to ask, considering that businesses in the United States lose an estimated $33 billion due to theft. And if you swear by the trustworthiness of your employees, we hate to burst your bubble: most of that $33 billion is stolen by — you guessed it — employees.

So how do you truly safeguard your property against theft? A good place to start is our free “15 Point Business Security Checklist“. It will tell you if you’re taking the most important steps toward protecting your most important asset — your business.

One of those steps is to install a commercial video surveillance system. Such a system, in tandem with a professional monitoring team, is generally considered the most effective deterrent to commercial property theft. It might surprise you that Bay Alarm was one of the first security companies to recognize the effectiveness of video surveillance alarm systems for outdoor property. As such, the security industry recognized us for our pioneering work by naming Bay Alarm the world’s #1 Installer of Outdoor Protection.

But crime-proofing your property isn’t a one-step proposition. It requires a 360-degree strategy. The good news is, some of the steps in our “15 Point Business Security Checklist” require little or no expense. Some are just common sense, like keeping important documents under lock and key. We’ve included those steps, too.

As a local business since 1946, we’re committed to making our neighborhoods off limits to criminals — period.

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