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Keep Your Home Safe from the Inside Out

Creating a safe environment in your home is top priority. There are many ways to ensure the safety of your family including a security system that fits the needs of your whole family. Aside from security, there are many other ways to keep everyone in your home safe from locking up potentially hazardous and combustible […] Read More

Can I Use My Old Security System with a New Provider?

Homeowners occasionally find themselves shopping for a new security services provider, whether because of dissatisfaction with their old provider’s quality of service, the pricing of those services, or another reason. We often get questions from customers considering switching providers who aren’t sure whether the security equipment they purchased from one provider—keypad, control panel, cameras, door […] Read More

Five Reasons To Invest In
Kid-Friendly Smart Home Technology

Do you work longer hours than your kids are in school? Is your pre-teen or teenager a traditional “latch-key kid”? Home automation not only is great for managing your home, but it is also great for the younger generation in your home. Here are 5 reasons a smart home can help your kids, more than […] Read More

How Home Automation Can Benefit You

The idea of turning your home into a smart home is less of an idea and more a reality. With cutting edge technology it’s important that security companies keep up. Home automation not only makes your life easier, but it comes with many benefits. 6 Benefits of Home Automation Safety: You can make your home […] Read More

Benefits of Wireless Home Security

When looking for a security system for your home and family, there are many things that you may consider. One of the considerations that may not cross your mind until later in the decision process is whether you want a wireless or a traditional wired security system. Wireless home security comes with ease as well […] Read More

Doorbell Camera Safety Considerations:
Can Video Doorbells Be Hacked?

While doorbell cameras can improve the security of your home, they can also introduce a safety risk. Video Doorbell Safety Concerns On The Rise As doorbell cameras become more pervasive, there are also an increasing number of cases in which video doorbells are being hacked into. Information is being stolen or sent overseas, fake alarms […] Read More