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Can I Use My Old Security System with a New Provider?

Homeowners occasionally find themselves shopping for a new security services provider, whether because of dissatisfaction with their old provider’s quality of service, the pricing of those services, or another reason. We often get questions from customers considering switching providers who aren’t sure whether the security equipment they purchased from one provider—keypad, control panel, cameras, door […] Read More

Top Reasons Why You Should
Have a Home Alarm System

According to the FBI, in 2017 there were roughly 1,401,840 burglaries reported in the United States with over 50% being forced entry. Despite the high number of burglaries, only about 17% of the population have a home security system. Leaving 83% without a security system and at risk for harm. There are many benefits of […] Read More

Home Security Technology Sparks
New Generation of Latchkey Kids

Keep Your School Age Kids SafeWhen They Are Alone at Home As the excitement of summer fades and the kids head back to school, we breathe a collective sigh and look forward to the comfort of our Fall routines. The start of school also raises the inevitable question of what to do about after-school care. […] Read More

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Home

the upcoming holiday season may be the reason you need to beef up security around your house and protect your family. Here are six safety tips to keep your home safe during the holidays. Read More

Stolen Packages?
How You Can Help Catch “Porch Pirates”

If you’ve had a package stolen off your porch, you know how stressful it can be getting items delivered to your home when you aren’t there. The good news? Police are starting to catch “porch pirates” in the act — and homeowners can help. Read More