Home Security Systems: Choosing Between DIY and Traditional Alarm Systems

Security is serious business. Here are a few things to consider when deciding between traditional home alarm systems and DIY alarm solutions.

Don’t be fooled by DIY alarm companies that lead you to believe that they offer advanced technology or products that traditional alarm companies don’t offer. Traditional alarm companies offer cellular communication and on-the-go mobile control, just like DIY alarm systems.

Bay Alarm is a perfect example of a traditional alarm company that offers all the latest in technology such Z-Wave locks, Skybell video doorbell cameras and home automation, to name a few. Bay Alarm also offers experience and professional installation that provides peace of mind.

Ask the following questions when considering a DIY alarm system for your home:

  1. Does the DIY alarm comply with nationally recognized industry standards and best practices?
  2. Is the complete DIY system NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) tested?
  3. Is the base station out in the open and susceptible to damage from the burglar, or is it hidden from view in a closet or basement?
  4. If a burglar knew what they were looking for, could they disable the alarm?
  5. Are the window and/or door contacts tamper proof?
  6. Is no contract always a better thing? You also have no options if you don’t have a contract in place.
  7. Can the DIY system be monitored by any central alarm monitoring station, or only the one contracted with your DIY company? Does this negate not having a contract if you can’t use your system without them?
  8. Does the DIY user manual state that the system should be tested by a “qualified” technician periodically? If so, who is your qualified technician? Do you have the same expertise as a professionally trained technician?
  9. Is the siren loud enough? Does the sound project outward from the base unit, or is it muffled by the downward facing unit?

The Bay Alarm Difference

Bay Alarm offers valuable experience when installing your home alarm system. All Bay Alarm technicians have over 70 hours of instruction on how to safely install your security system. A system with Bay Alarm is also monitored by an UL-certified monitoring station that is able to respond to an alarm incident immediately, 24/7.

Other benefits of using Bay Alarm experienced technicians is that they know the alarm business. They know fire code, what areas of your home may need extra security, and what areas are less likely to be breached based on typical burglar behavior. Bay Alarm offers, and can determine, if it’s best to use wired or wireless installation depending on what works best for your situation.

If you’re thinking about buying a “Do it Yourself” home security system, watch this video. You’ll learn why Bay Alarm systems are a lot more than what comes in a box.


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