Insider Guide to Business Security Systems:
Free E-Book

Are you a business owner or manager, or someone who has a stake in protecting a business from theft or fire?

Bay Alarm Insider's Guide Cover

Bay Alarm has just released an e-book created specifically for you: “The Insider’s Guide to Security and Fire Protection“.

Whether you currently have an alarm and/or fire detection system or are considering one for your business, this e-book provides valuable information you can use to determine if a security company and its technology meet minimum quality standards, certifications, and regulations. It also includes questions any business stakeholder should ask before hiring a security company.

Not sure what kind of system is right for your property? Our e-book explains different technologies and their benefits in a clear, simple format. It also includes a section on alarm monitoring and response as well as practical, quick-reference tips that’ll help you make your property more secure right now, like 18 Ways Your Property is Vulnerable to Theft.

Among the practical information, we’ve included some facts about business property theft and fire that might surprise you. For instance, who steals more from retail stores: customers or employees? (We won’t give the answer away here!)

Whether your business is a one-door shop or multi-building campus, our hot-off-the-press e-book will guide you in making the right decisions about security and fire protection — among the most important business decisions you’ll ever make.

The Bay Alarm family is proud to bring all our knowledge and experience together for your benefit in this one, valuable, ready-to-download resource. Download “The Insider’s Guide to Security and Fire Protection now!