Holiday Safety Tips for Your Home

The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year. For many people, there are parties, family gatherings and gift giving occasions, as well as plenty of beautiful decorations that put everyone in a great mood.

However, because people are busy with holiday events and travel, criminals may take advantage and use the festive season as a springboard to illegal activities. The holiday season is a great time to beef up security around your house and protect your family.

Here are some holiday safety tips for your home that can help protect you now and into the new year.

6 Tips for Holiday Home Safety

  1. Light Up at Night.  If you were home, wouldn’t your lights be on? When you’re not, why should things be any different? There are many options to help make your home well lit even at night, and reduce its chance of being a target for break-ins. A few lights on a timer or even a motion-sensor light can go a long way toward securing your home.
  2. Don’t Advertise Your Absence. If you plan to travel during the holiday season, be cautious with whom you tell. Don’t advertise an empty home. You may also have a trusted neighbor or friend pick up the newspaper and mail to give the appearance that someone is staying at the house.
  3. Be Cautious with What You Share on Social Media. Along the same lines, in today’s social media-powered world, it is vital that you use care with what you post online. You may not want to “check in” to that exotic location on Facebook or Tweet about your packing woes. Sharing this data gives information about your whereabouts and tells folks that you are not home to protect your property.
  4. Use Care When Hiring Professionals. The holiday season is a time that people are more likely to hire a housekeeper, house sitter, pet sitter or other professional. Use care and check references before letting anyone in your house. If possible, work with a company that ensures their staff so that if something goes missing, you are protected.
  5. Consider a Home Security System. One of the absolute best ways to protect a home is with a home security system. Today’s security systems with home automation, like Bay Alarm Connect™ (formerly Total Connect), allow you to check on your home anytime, plus you can even access features like the thermostat, lights, and locks from anywhere — using your smartphone. Home automation is a great tool for frequent travelers who would like a little peace of mind.
  6. Change Your Locks. One final consideration is to look at your locks. Are you using the same locks that came on the home when you purchased it? It might be time to upgrade. Not only are there many new options available today, but you will be assured that no one unexpected has a key to your home.

These tips for improving security around your home can help do more to keep your family and belongings safe during the holidays and beyond.

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