Home Security Technology Sparks
New Generation of Latchkey Kids

Keep Your School Age Kids Safe
When They Are Alone at Home

As the excitement of summer fades and the kids head back to school, we breathe a collective sigh and look forward to the comfort of our Fall routines. The start of school also raises the inevitable question of what to do about after-school care. Your kids are a year older now so you may be considering letting them be at home alone – what was, in the 1970s, first referred to as having a “latchkey kid”. The reality is that many after-school programs are still too expensive, inconvenient or not offered at all.

Are latchkey kids safe?

A few decades ago, having a latchkey kid might have seemed like an unfortunate or unsafe necessity, but that’s no longer the case. Thanks to modern home security technologies and accessories offered by companies like Bay Alarm, a new generation of latchkey kids has emerged who are safe, secure and connected to their parents in ways not possible before.

5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe

1. Install a doorbell camera

Doorbell cameras let you remotely monitor who comes to your door. In addition to providing external protection for your child when they are inside the house, a doorbell camera gives them a way to check in with you by video when they first get home from school. You can also directly communicate with delivery people or solicitors through your mobile device and without revealing that your child is home alone. Models like our HD wireless doorbell camera that connects to your Bay Alarm home security system are motion-activated and can record video of porch-pirates and ding-ditchers even if they don’t ring the doorbell.

2. Expand your home automation

Various home automation functions can be added to your home security solution to allow you to not only control the security system from your mobile device, but also your lights, door locks and thermostat. With our Bay Alarm Link™ app, you can receive video clips based on triggered events you set, see when your kids enter the house and when they’re playing in the backyard or schedule your porch lights to turn on automatically at a certain hour.

3. Get professionally managed home security services

A home security solution that includes managed services provides 24/7 professional alarm monitoring. That means that trained security agents will be able to respond right away and alert the appropriate authorities if your home security system is breached.

Bay Alarm monitoring agents are diamond-certified and extensively trained on how to respond to home security situations. They’re also part of your community, so they take your family’s security personally and are there to provide that extra level of support to your kids if they need it.

4. Teach your child about home security

Talk to your children about how to stay safe at home when you are not around. Go over what you expect them to do, or not do (homework?!) and how to check in with you. Take some time to role-play different scenarios in advance, such as how to make sure your security technology is on, how to respond appropriately to phone calls and never share being home alone on social media. Download our free tips on teaching your children about home security.

5. Banish worry!

Times have changed since the term “latchkey kid” was first coined. Modern home security solutions provide all levels of security and give us simple ways to connect with our kids and ensure their safety at home when we’re not with them. Parents of this new generation of latchkey kids can rest easier knowing their children can safely experience independence and learn responsibility while helping the family as a whole.

Give us a call to discuss your home security options or request a free, custom quote online. We’re always here to help.

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