Keep Your Home Safe from the Inside Out

Creating a safe environment in your home is top priority. There are many ways to ensure the safety of your family including a security system that fits the needs of your whole family. Aside from security, there are many other ways to keep everyone in your home safe from locking up potentially hazardous and combustible materials, to laying a rubber mat down in the bathtub to prevent slips and falls.

Safely Store Chemicals

Many people store their chemicals under the kitchen or bathroom sink, which is OK if there is a childproof lock on the cabinet. However – with such easy access, young children and animals are at risk to chemical poisoning.

Prevent Slips and Falls

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, children under five years old account for 30 percent of bathtub and shower related injuries a year. There is no one simple fix for this, but something that can be done in order to prevent less bathtub slip and falls, is to place a rubber mat on the floor of the porcelain tub adding a substantial grip to the bottom of your feet.

Use a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is nearly impossible to detect by sight, smell, or sound, making it nearly lethal if left undetected. As of 2011, carbon monoxide detectors were a requirement in most homes in the state of California after the approval of the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act. However these detectors may require upkeep by the homeowner. If your detector is battery operated, the batteries should be changed every 6 months. A simple reminder for this is to change the batteries for your CO Monitor and smoke detector at the same time.

Keep the Outside of Your Home Tidy

Burglars can easily hide in larger unkempt hedges and sneak through broken fences. By keeping a tall sturdy fence surrounding your yards, not only keeps your children and pets inside and safe, but it will also keep burglars and unwanted visitors out.

Keep your home and your family safe inside and out. To get a free security review, contact the experts at Bay Alarm. We’re happy to assist with any questions that may have, and help you determine the best home security solutions.