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A Break-In, a Boy, and a Trumpet

Sometimes a stolen item is irreplaceable—like a precious musical instrument. And sometimes there’s a silver lining–even in the smoke-blackened skies of the North Bay Fires. It had been a tough few months for the Klein family. Tracey Klein’s parents lost their house in the fire and had moved into a trailer adjacent to the Klein’s […] Read More

Business Security:
Burglar Proof Your Windows and Doors

While you can’t always predict supply and demand, ensuring the protection of your business is one investment that always pays off. Burglars are looking for one key feature in any business they “case” — simplicity. The more complicated the target, the higher the risk, and therefore the less attractive the target becomes. Which is why […] Read More

Social Media Activities That Put Your Home Security at Risk

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives allowing us to connect with our friends, our neighbors and complete strangers like never before. There are benefits to using social media to stay in touch and informed, however it can also create security risks. Today you must consider what you are posting on […] Read More

Is Your Family Prepared for a Disaster?
Get Our Free Preparedness Guide

When disaster strikes, you have little time to think and act. Do you know what you would do if an extreme event threatened your family and home tomorrow? The key to staying safe and remaining calm in an emergency is planning in advance. Download our Disaster Preparedness Guide to learn what you can do today […] Read More

Tips for Proper Smoke Detector Installation and Maintenance

A home security system that includes properly installed and maintained smoke detectors can save lives and protect against injury and property loss due to fire. Smoke is a deadly poison that can lead to harm or death in minutes. Most people already know that a working smoke detector in every room gives families more time […] Read More

Home Security: How to Prevent Against Costly False Alarms

Home security systems are important to the protection of everything you’ve worked so hard for, but false alarms are a real problem for many police departments — and can be quite costly to homeowners. A false alarm is defined as an emergency alarm, such as a fire alarm, that is set off unnecessarily. A false […] Read More