Five Reasons To Invest In
Kid-Friendly Smart Home Technology

Do you work longer hours than your kids are in school? Is your pre-teen or teenager a traditional “latch-key kid”? Home automation not only is great for managing your home, but it is also great for the younger generation in your home. Here are 5 reasons a smart home can help your kids, more than it helps you!

  1. Forget about keys. Never worry about your children losing their house keys again. With help from a smart lock, your front door can be accessed and opened with your home automation app, or a code that you set for you and your family.
  2. Check in on homework time. With your home automation app connected to your home security cameras, feel safe knowing that when you aren’t home you can still check in whenever you want from the palm of your hand. You can make sure your kids made it home, without having to remind them to call you every day after school.
  3. Stay energy efficient. Do you have kids who never turn off lights? With Z-Wave Technology, you can set up schedules and timers for when lights turn on and off. You can rely on smart home technology and not have to worry about reminding your kids every day to remember to turn on and off lights.
  4. Hook up your smart speakers. Basic math problems, funny jokes, and games all come equipped in today’s smart speakers like the Google Hub and Amazon Echo. Use this to your kid’s advantage by allowing them to play their favorite music station by just speaking it into the speaker.
  5. See what’s going on at home with a video doorbell. Does Jane have a group project and they are all meeting at your place? Use a video doorbell to know when friends, classmates, or neighbors come to the door without having to leave your home office, or kitchen.

Home automation can help in many ways, but the best part is – it saves you time, energy and makes life a little easier. Get a free quote on a Bay Alarm home security system today!

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