Summer Safety Tips to
Keep Your Outdoor Workplace Safe

Keep your outdoor workplace safe during hot weather

Being in the sun all day can be taxing on anyone whether you’re at the pool, the park, or in some cases, work. People who already work outside all day know that it is no easy feat. The glamour of being in the summer sun all day isn’t what it is always cut out to be. Working in high temperatures is not always the healthiest and people are encouraged to take the proper precautions to ensure their safety. Here are some summer safety tips for the outdoor workplace and the outdoor worker to help keep them safe under the sun!

Summer workplace safety tips

  • Wear sunblock! Sunblock helps protect your skin cells from ultraviolet radiation, which can affect you greatly in the long run.
  • Be attentive at all times to your work surroundings. If you are working near a field, watch out for wild animals and small critters trying to find shade and shelter. Summer time is when most people report animal sightings, and some could be poisonous.
  • Dress appropriately for your specific work space. If the area you are working in requires a hard hat and glasses, make sure you have those on at all times.
  • Stay hydrated. This may be the most important whether you are indoors or outdoors. If you are working in 100 degree weather all day, make sure you have multiple bottles of water, or a water station readily available.
  • Take frequent breaks. If you start to feel dizzy, your body may need to cool down and regulate itself before continuing.
  • Install an outdoor commercial security system. BayGuard security cameras can protect solar panel fields, construction sites, vineyard gates, building roofs, and so much more. The business surveillance system is completely wireless and designed for all outdoor applications. Motion viewers can be mounted directly onto existing surfaces and event triggered video clips are monitored by Bay Alarm’s local 24-hour UL listed Monitoring Center.

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