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As a retail business, loss prevention is a priority. Lucky for you, Bay Alarm is an expert in retail loss prevention and security systems.

As a retail business, loss prevention is a priority. Lucky for you, Bay Alarm is an expert in retail loss prevention and security systems.

Retail Security Solutions by Bay Alarm

Bay Alarm's full featured security systems will help you manage the day to day while helping to reduce shrink. Beyond our normal alarm monitoring, our Business Management solutions will help you track store openings and closings, alert you if employees do not adhere to schedules, and more.

The easiest part of opening my new store was signing up with Bay Alarm. Everything was simple. Install techs were awesome and self-reliant. Thanks for making it easy.
- George, The Lost Coast Outfitters

Burglar Alarms Designed for Retail

Our security experts work with you to tailor a full featured security system for your retail business. Features like:

  • Burglar intrusion detection
  • Employee access and hours management
  • Integrated access control for restricted access areas
  • Video verification for after hours video monitoring
  • Easy to use system management web interface and phone app

Retail Security Camera Systems

Video surveillance is a great way to deter would be thieves. Bay Alarm has video security solutions for any retail situation. Whether you want to deter and catch shoplifters or keep an eye on the registers, our security experts will design a system that fits your needs.

Award Winning Professional Monitoring

Count on Bay Alarm's 5-Diamond certified monitoring center to keep an eye on things so you can focus on handling business. Our professional staff will keep you informed of any issues reported by your system.

Remote Management

In retail, turnover can be a problem. With the Bay Alarm Link app, you can easily manage employee codes and access to your store from anywhere. You can also get alerts when your store opens and closes as well as detailed event reports.

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What's the best way to burglar proof my store?

Burglars are looking for one key feature in any business they "case" — simplicity. Properly securing your doors and windows — the most likely and visible means of entry into your store — is so important. Further enhance that with a professionally monitored security system.
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How many security cameras are in an average retail store?

In order to design a security camera system that best fits your retail store, you will need to consider square footage, store layout, viewing angles, camera image quality, store lighting, and more. A professionally designed and optimized security camera system will help you to avoid the headaches of bad video results.
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How can i prevent employee theft?

A good start is to install video surveillance cameras and other security devices that monitor your merchandise and inventory. An access control system can also be effective in restricting access to certain areas of your store.
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