You Need To Meet Insurance Requirements

We can cover all insurance requirements for your business. That's because Bay Alarm is licensed to design, build and test fire alarms, sprinkler systems and burglar alarm systems—services that many other security companies don't provide. Here's how they benefit you most.


Security Systems for Business Insurance Requirements

Commercial Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems With 
Modern Conveniences

Businesses of all sizes are required by law to have fire alarm systems. Your occupancy rating and structure type determines the level of fire protection required for your business. So if you’re a local dry cleaner with foot traffic, your fire requirements will be less than if you are a big box retailer or other large business. Your insurance may also add requirements to increase your fire protection above and beyond national law and state building codes.

Bay Alarm is well-versed in designing, installing, monitoring and inspecting commercial fire alarm systems for any sized business. What’s more, we provide convenience that many security companies don't offer.

We log all your NFPA testing results on BayNet, our online fire alarm testing platform. It has all the necessary state forms built right in, showing that your organization passed inspection and testing. You always have easy access to your forms, with the ability to log in, view and print them anytime.

We also ensure that your sprinkler systems are built to code, perform all quarterly Title 19 inspections, and submit them to the fire department on your behalf.

Because Bay Alarm is licensed to test fire alarms, sprinkler systems and burglar alarm systems, this can save you time and money. We’ll already be onsite to test your fire alarms twice a year and can come out just two more times to test sprinklers quarterly. That means four visits instead of six when your fire alarms and sprinkler systems are managed separately. Plus we give you just one point of contact to simplify management.

Burglar Alarm Systems for High-Value Asset Businesses

Businesses that deal in high-value assets such as jewelry stores, pawn shops and art galleries must have monitored burglar alarm systems due to the insurance requirements driven by underwriting codes such as UL 681.

Bay Alarm can design and build a system for your business that meets all 
UL 681 guidelines for burglar and holdup alarm systems and provide you with the certificate you need. We can also inspect it annually as required. You'll get the customer service and expertise we're known for, every step 
of the way.

17 Smart Fire Prevention Practices for Businesses

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Where can I get my NFPA 72 and 25 inspection forms?

Bay Alarm has invested significant resources in developing an industrial, electronic, inspection testing system that makes reports easily accessible to customers through BayNet. Our dedicated, certified fire inspectors utilize tablets to test every required device.

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How can I test my business alarm system?

Simply call our Monitoring Center at 800-470-1000. They will place your account in “test mode.” You can then either send a manual test signal or test a specific device, and we will provide you with the results and make any recommendations.

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How do I log into BayNet?

Click Learn More below. Log in using your email address and password. There you can view your account details, testing results, and pay your bill online. For more features such as searchable, downloadable alarm activity and facility management exception reports, ask about upgrading to BayNet Plus!

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