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What Is Monitored Video? Everything Your Business Should Know About This Security Service

What is monitored video? We are glad you asked. Monitored video may be one of the most important security services that your business can deploy. It means someone—hopefully an in-house, trained video analyst—is monitoring your camera feeds when your system detects a disturbance at your business.

When your business is closed, when you’re on vacation, or when you just need an extra set of eyes on your property, monitored video gives you peace of mind. It combines cameras that have advanced analytics with trained security experts who are there to intervene when you system detects a disturbance. Keep reading for more on this advanced video security service…

Beware of third-party outsourcing

But before we dive into the details of what is monitored video, let us raise a word of caution. Some security companies outsource the “monitored” part of monitored video to a third party. This means the provider that you initially entrusted with your business is not the company watching your cameras, your business, or training the video analysts who keep your property safe. Instead, another company you had no opportunity to vet is doing the actual work.

As you evaluate different security companies, ask if the candidates run their own monitoring centers and training programs. If not, you’re better off finding one that keeps video monitoring in-house. A trusted, experienced security company that excels at live video monitoring will run its own monitoring center and train its own specialists.

Running your own monitoring center shows customers you are:

  • fully invested in the security business
  • actively seeking to fine-tune and improve the service you provide
  • equipped to leverage the latest in video monitoring technology
  • prepared to fully stand by the service you offer

What is monitored video?

Let’s answer this question again in greater detail.

It’s a video security service that combines technology and human intervention.

The latest video monitoring technology has four key features:

  1. Cameras with smart analytics that trigger when a disturbance is detected.
  2. A virtual fence around your property that tells the cameras where to focus.
  3. Trained video analytics who can review live footage during a disturbance and dispatch authorities if needed.
  4. On-site speakers that warn intruders with pre-recorded messaging and allow video analysts to intervene directly.

The best business video monitoring solutions combine advanced technology, smart analytics, and expert people. For optimal results, you cannot do one without the others.

It’s another set of eyes at all times—that records everything to the cloud.

You can choose to activate live video monitoring during off-hours, on the weekend, and when you go on vacation. The monitoring center takes over during the hours you select. Then, when you return or the business opens, you can use the cameras like a more traditional CCTV system, which stores footage in the cloud for you to access if and when you need it.

It’s peace of mind at all hours.

This compilation of videos shows how effectively live video monitoring can help a range of business owners deter crime. Whether you need to protect a school, parking lot, billboard, cannabis business, shipping dock, construction site, or storage area, live video monitoring takes would-be burglars by surprise. Only seconds after they enter the protected areas, the system goes into alert. A pre-recorded voice sounds (“You are trespassing…”), startling the intruders who typically find a quick exit.

If the intruder persists, the security cameras give you a verifiable record of what happened. The team of trained analysts simultaneously use the live security camera footage to verify the emergency and contact law enforcement if necessary.

Video content analysis plays a crucial role in live video monitoring

The technique that expedites detection is called video content analysis (VCA). The camera’s video analytic software processes live video, detecting and classifying every object in view.

Cameras equipped with video content analysis can detect objects like people, cars, bikes, animals, etc., and relay the situation directly to a video analyst. The result is unparalleled granularity that video analysts can use to search through footage and incident reports indexed by date, time, object, and location.

Why is monitored video better than traditional video surveillance?

Traditional video surveillance typically looks something like this: onsite security agents watch live security footage all day, taking action when they notice unusual activity. But this setup comes with drawbacks. Despite their best efforts, it’s challenging for agents to monitor several cameras at once and stay alert hour after hour.

In contrast, live video monitoring with advanced video analytics, eliminates human guesswork. Since cameras can see but not act in an emergency, advanced video analytics enabler a camera to instantly identify an activity without a human prompt. Once the system has triggered an alert, a trained video analyst can immediately confirm whether it’s an intrusion or emergency, reducing the risk of false alarms and increasing response speed.

Summing up

Now, you know the answer to “What is monitored video?” To sum it up, don’t pick a security company that outsources this essential tool to a third party. A trusted, experienced provider uses the latest video monitoring techniques, combining advanced technology, smart analytics, and trained experts to help you keep your people and property safe.

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