Melodie Rincon

East Counties Branch Office Manager

“Melodie Rincon is the epitome of the Bay Way.”

When Everett Westphal started Bay Alarm 75 years ago, he believed in having a strong work ethic, giving your absolute best to every challenge, and treating people with the utmost respect. Melodie is all of that and more.

Going out of your way to help people comes naturally to Melodie. While others might be surprised by her willingness to help out, like the time she took on a teammate’s workload so she could get home to her kids. She takes it all in stride, “It’s just what you do, I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that what I do helps others.”

She believes in doing your job, whatever it is, in a manner that you can be proud of while setting a good example for those around you. “You have to own it. My husband, son, and daughter are the same way.” Melodie credits her mother for instilling these family values that have served her well.

“Mel’s dedication and work ethic are relentless. She is inspiring to work with and sets the tone for us all in the East Counties Branch.”

– Sean O’Hara, Branch Manager

Growing up in a big family, Melodie has always valued family unity and being part of something bigger. She brings that to her job every day, whether it’s one of her famous early morning ice breaker sessions or a grab-and-go BBQ. She and her team have been doing everything possible to keep the family atmosphere alive and well during these challenging times while keeping everyone safe.

She also understands that work-life balance is very important. When her work is done, she can be found hiking on Mt. Tam, snowshoeing in the Sierras, or spending the day at the beach.

Melodie Rincon is a hard-working, dedicated, and considerate person who is a living example of what makes Bay Alarm the company it is today.