Frequently Asked Questions

Read on below to view the answers to common questions about security systems.

How can I be sure Bay Alarm installers and technicians are trustworthy?

We’re very proud of our employees. Whereas other companies might rely on contractors, we use our own, locally-based security technicians and installers. Before they ever… Read More

How can I test my home alarm system?

We make testing easy. Just call our monitoring center at (800) 470-1000. They’ll place your account in "test mode,” and then you can either send… Read More

Where can I get my NFPA 72 and 25 inspection forms for my fire alarm system?

Bay Alarm makes reports easily accessible online through our customer portal. Our dedicated, certified fire inspectors utilize tablets to test every required device. You can… Read More

Where is Bay Alarm’s Monitoring Center, and who operates it?

Our Monitoring Center is located in Northern California, and it’s staffed with our own highly-trained Bay Alarm monitoring agents. To get an inside look at… Read More

Why does Bay Alarm charge an installation fee for its home security systems?

Some companies advertise so-called “free” security systems. That usually means the costs will catch up with you later. Bay Alarm offers a reasonable installation fee… Read More

Why can’t I buy a Bay Alarm security system online or by phone?

Home security systems should not be “one size fits all.” That’s why we insist on sending one of our security experts to your home before… Read More