Frequently Asked Questions

Read on below to view the answers to common questions about security systems.

What are the fire alarm requirements for restaurants?

The requirements may slightly vary based on the local code. In most cases, you'll need manual pull stations at exits, an annunciator accessible to the… Read More

How can video surveillance help keep my jewelry store inventory safe from theft?

Whether you are a jewelry importer, a jewelry maker, or a jewelry retailer, video surveillance is a integral part of your security plan. With today's… Read More

What kind of security does a jewelry store need?

Jewelry store security system needs vary. In most cases your insurance provider will have security system requirements based on the value of your inventory and… Read More

Is a security guard the best solution for construction site security?

Security guards can be effective. Having a guard patrolling the job site in a marked vehicle can help to deter would be thieves. However, guards… Read More

How do I keep a construction site secure?

There are many options when securing your construction site. The complexity of your site and your budget will help you determine the right fit for… Read More

Can any alarm company provide security systems to the marijuana industry in California?

Security systems protecting cannabis related businesses must be designed, installed, monitored, and maintained by a licensed cannabis security company. If your system is installed by… Read More