Frequently Asked Questions

Read on below to view the answers to common questions about security systems.

Are home security systems tax deductible?

That depends on your situation. If you use part of your home for business purposes, you can typically deduct a portion of the cost of… Read More

Will the purchase of a home security system lower my homeowner’s insurance?

Yes! On average, installing a monitored home security system can lower your homeowner's insurance by up to 20 percent. Check with your insurance broker for… Read More

Is a professionally monitored home security system really worth the expense?

A home security alarm system protects your home and your loved ones. So its value goes beyond the cost. It includes something you can’t put… Read More

Do I really need a home security system?

It’s a fact that 6,000 homes are broken into every day in the U.S. That’s a pretty good reason to have a security system. Burglars… Read More

Does my business need video surveillance?

It’s a fact that businesses are four times more likely to be burglarized than houses. Small businesses are the most frequent targets. A video surveillance… Read More

How can a Bay Alarm security system help prevent shoplifting?

Installing security cameras where they can be seen is a big deterrent to shoplifters. Bay Alarm also offers video-verified alarm systems, proven to be the… Read More