Frequently Asked Questions

Read on below to view the answers to common questions about security systems.

How can I help prevent employee theft?

A good start is to install surveillance cameras and other security devices that monitor your merchandise and inventory. An access-control system can also be effective… Read More

Can I arm and disarm my Bay Alarm home security system remotely?

With our free Bay Alarm Connect™ (formerly Total Connect) app, not only can you control your alarm system from your laptop or smartphone, you can… Read More

How can I test my Bay Alarm business security system?

We make testing easy. Just call our monitoring center at (800)470-1000. They’ll place your account in "test mode,” and then you can either send a… Read More

Who actually installs my business security system?

We’re proud to say that our Bay Alarm technicians install your system. Each technician logs an average of 200 hours of training in both the… Read More

Why do I have to pay an installation price for a basic business alarm system?

Some companies advertise so-called “free” security systems. That usually means the costs will catch up with you later. Bay Alarm offers a reasonable installation fee… Read More