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Bay Alarm wireless home alarm systems are customizable and affordable. In addition to the most advanced residential security technology, you can rest easy knowing that our quality service and 24-hour professional monitoring (included with your system) is always the best choice. Watch this video to learn more about our smart home security technology.

Home Alarm System Features

Bay Alarm offers a full range of innovative and reliable home security products that incorporate design flexibility, affordability and convenient options to create the ultimate protection for your home and family.

Keypads and Control Panels

We offer a variety of control panels and keypads and for your home security system. From the traditional numeric keypad to wi-fi enabled touchscreen keypads that can tell you your local weather. From your keypad, you can arm & disarm your system, manage users, change codes, and even check home security cameras. You can also do all this from our Bay Alarm Link™ app.

Home Security Cameras

Our home security cameras offer sharp, digital-quality images. Our home security camera systems range from Wi-Fi based, lifestyle-focused cameras to high definition surveillance systems.

Motion Sensors

Motion detectors add an additional layer to your security system and have the option of being pet resistant. Feel secure knowing any unwelcome motion in your home will set off your home alarm system.

Door & Window Sensors

Secure important doors and windows with a sensor that will trip your alarm if it is opened. Our sensors can also alert of any tampering of the device. Have a medicine cabinet or gun safe you'd like to monitor? These devices can handle that as well.

Key Fobs

Key fobs can be used to arm and disarm your system with the ease of just hitting one button. Are your hands full of groceries and you can’t type in your security code? No problem, use the handy key fob to disarm your system while walking in the door. We can also set your key fob to trigger an instant panic alarm.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors are finely tuned devices, listening for the sound frequency of breaking glass. These can be helpful if you have a large window that does not open, but could be broken and used as a point of entry into your home. Once the detector hears the glass break, your alarm will sound.

Remote Home Automation

Add Bay Alarm Link™ and check on your home anytime, anywhere with your mobile — plus control your home alarm system, lights, locks, and thermostat remotely.

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What are the benefits of a monitored burglar and fire alarm system for my home?

Our Monitoring Center is staffed with Bay Alarm's own industry-leading highly trained professionals who can dispatch the proper authorities within seconds of an emergency. We can even help identify and prevent false alarms, saving you the trouble of irritated neighbors or false alarm fees.
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Do I really need a home security system?

More than 6,000 homes are broken into every day in the United States. Burglars themselves say they avoid homes with professional alarm systems.
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Can I arm and disarm my home security system from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can! We offer a service called Bay Alarm Link™ that connects a free app for your mobile device.
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