Bay Alarm Security Systems Explained

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Q: What happens when my alarm system goes off?

A: With Bay Alarm, when the alarm goes off, one of our employees here at Bay Alarm's Monitoring Center knows about it, so we can notify the authorities. Find out how Bay Alarm is different from other security system companies in our video.

Is your home vulnerable to break-ins?

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  • How to secure outdoor access points
  • Tricks for making your home look occupied when you’re gone
  • What your neighbors can do to help
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What are the benefits of having a monitored burglar/fire system?

Our Monitoring Center is right here in California, staffed with industry-leading, highly-trained professionals who can dispatch the proper authorities with efficiency and urgency. We are also UL-listed and Five Diamond Certified. We can even help identify and prevent false alarms, saving you the trouble of irritated neighbors or possible false alarm fees.
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Where can I get my NFPA 72 and 25 inspection forms?

Bay Alarm has invested significant resources in developing an industrial, electronic, inspection testing system that makes reports easily accessible to customers through BayNet. Our dedicated, certified fire inspectors utilize tablets to test every required device.
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How do I log into BayNet?

Click Learn More below. Log in using your email address and password. There you can view your account details, testing results, and pay your bill online. For more features such as searchable, downloadable alarm activity and facility management exception reports, ask about upgrading to BayNet Plus!
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