Access Control for Business Security Systems

Locks and keys have been used to secure businesses for decades. But what they can’t provide is the ability to control when the keys are used.¬†Keys can easily be duplicated, and hard to keep track of. To mitigate risk, you might re-key each time which can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive.

Electronic access control makes managing access to your facilities a breeze. You now have the power to control who can go where and when. Each time a key card is used, it provides an audit trail of everywhere everyone went.

How does it work? Simply give a key card to anyone whom you’d like to have access. You’ve told the business security system what privileges this person has and the system then only allows the person with that key card into areas during the days and times you’ve determined. With a few clicks, you can retrieve a report for any key card.

There are three factors for business access control:

  1. Time zones. You can create a schedule that determines when something happens.
  2. Access levels. You can determine which employees have a particular predefined set of privileges.
  3. Key cards. You can individually control each device.

By providing precise control of your business, you can be assured that those leaving your organization can be removed with a few clicks. This reduces risk and keeps your employees safe and secure. You say who gets in and when.

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