Advanced Commercial Security Camera Technology

Believe it or not, commercial security cameras used to give us poor quality images like those you’ll see in this video. Luckily, those days are past. As business security experts we at Bay Alarm want to give you the facts about the latest in advanced surveillance camera technology so you can decide what type of system is right for your business.

It’s not one size fits all. For example, you can choose between analog or a digital camera system. Which one’s best? Digital cameras can stream more information at faster speeds than analog cameras. That doesn’t necessarily mean digital is the right choice. Both analog and digital images can be viewed remotely over the internet and both can be high definition. We hear that term a lot. High definition. It refers to images that contain either 720 or 1080 rows of pixels in a wide screen format. Standard definition is usually less than 720 rows of pixels in a smaller image format.

So what’s gonna give you the best protection for your money? Digital or analog? Hi def or standard? That depends on several things. Like how big your property is, what type of business you have, your budget and whether you are installing a new business security camera system or upgrading an existing one.

If you have an existing analog system, we can upgrade it to full high def with remote features. On the digital side, Bay Alarm offers cost effective plug and play camera solutions perfect for small or mid-size properties. For bigger business, we offer enterprise level systems that include feature rich, user friendly, management software and super high resolution cameras.

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