How Bay Alarm Partners With Police Departments

For over 70 years, Bay Alarm has been working with law enforcement agencies to reduce crime in the neighborhoods we serve. Now, with property crimes on the rise, we are going even further, by partnering with local police departments to make communities safer.

One way we support the mission of police departments to serve and protect communities is by helping reduce false alarm calls. False alarms are a big challenge for many police departments. Dispatching several officers to every alarm call uses up resources; it takes officers away from the field or other calls. Bay Alarm’s monitoring center agents can notify the dispatcher for false alarms. If the alarm is real, our agents know about it instantly so they can help the police respond a lot faster.

Bay Alarm has partnered with Montebello Police Department so when a security system is installed, it gets registered. One of the advantages to police departments is that the alarm system is monitored.

Bay Alarm supports police departments, in other ways, too. Like partnering with the local sheriff’s department to assist cadets in completing their basic academy training. Helping them to move on to become deputy sheriffs and police officers. Bay Alarm helps become the lifeline between the police department and the community.

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