How To Change An Existing Code on Your Business DMP System

How do you change an employee’s code on your business DMP system? It’s easy.

  1. You can pick any 4-digit code. We’ll use 3636.
  2. First, press the Command button, marked CMD, until you see Menu.
  3. Press Yes.
  4. Then enter your current master code.
  5. Press CMD until you see USER CODE.
  6. Now press any of the blank buttons.
  7. Then press CHG.
  8. Enter the user number 03 or 3.
  9. Press CMD.
  10. Now you can enter the new code, 3636.
  11. Press CMD.
  12. Press CMD again, and the screen will display that user 3 has been changed.
  13. To get out of the user code programming, press the back arrow until you see the home screen.

That’s all there is to it.

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