How Does a Home Burglar Alarm System Work?

Home burglar alarm systems don’t all work the same way — or use the same technology. A Bay Alarm home security system is not one-size-fits-all. It’s a combination of the latest security technology supported by our own highly-trained monitoring and response teams.

So, let’s start with the technology. The control panel is the brains of the home alarm system. It monitors the status of each device connected to it. And it includes a tamper switch, so if anyone tries tampering with the control panel, we’ll get an alert.

This is the keypad, where you can arm, disarm or control your system.

Now to those devices. First, the contacts. They’re affixed to your doors and windows. When your home security system is armed, opening a window or door releases a magnetic switch, triggering the alarm.

Motion detectors are great for big spaces. These passive devices trip the alarm when they detect the slightest change in ambient temperature.

And if you have lots of windows, we might recommend a glass break detector. It’s mounted on the ceiling, and it’s great at picking up the sound of the vibration of breaking glass.

If you need to trip the alarm yourself in an emergency, simply press the panic button that’s attached to your keychain or the keypad.

Now to the other half of home security systems: Bay Alarm’s highly-trained agents at our central monitoring station.

They’re monitoring your system 24/7. If any of those devices trip the alarm, they know about it instantly–down to which door or window was opened.

For ultimate protection, we offer Bay Alarm Link home automation app. You can see who comes and goes, get video clips, control your alarm system and more, right from your smartphone.

Technology, plus our award-winning monitoring and response teams. It adds up to the most effective strategy you can have to prevent break-ins.

Watch this quick video to see how a customized Bay Alarm security system can help protect your home and keep burglars away.

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