Small Business Security System Features

An important part of managing your business is ensuring the safety and security of your employees, facility and assets. Alarm systems today offer more security and more features with greater ease of use than ever before.

Our alarm keypads feature large touch screens with a beautiful, easy to use interface. The real measure of a security system is how it responds when there is an alarm. Your system will respond automatically when there’s trouble, and summon help.

The screen shows red, providing both audio and visual confirmation of the alarm. Your system includes a one touch option to cancel the alarm or to confirm it and ensure that help will be instantly dispatched if necessary. You can also use the panic feature to identify the type of emergency and summon the appropriate responders.

Your alarm system is on duty even when you are not there. And now you can monitor and control your alarm system from wherever you are. You can receive alerts and control your system via smartphone, tablet or computer. You can manage your employee’s access by adding, editing or removing users from the system. Users can be assigned different levels of authority including temporary access, which can be useful for maintenance or cleaning personnel.

It’s state of the art security built to protect your employees and business from intrusion, burglary, fire and other threats. Let us show you the Bay Alarm difference, and what it can mean to the security and protection of your business and family. Click here to get a free, custom quote.