Help Law Enforcement Crack Down on Crime by Registering Your Home Surveillance Cameras

Recently, in the San Fernando Valley, a thief used the UPS package tracking app to scoop up packages just minutes after they had been delivered. He was ultimately captured thanks to the police and the home owner’s high-definition surveillance system. Read the news story here.
Package Delivered to Home
Criminals like the kind who will snatch a package off your porch in broad daylight are becoming bolder. Fortunately, law enforcement, residents, and Bay Alarm are partnering in new ways to help catch these criminals and ultimately, deter even their attempts.

Increasingly, police departments are asking residents with properly-installed, HD cameras and NVRs (network video recorders) to register their cameras.

Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean the police can look through your cameras at-will. It just allows them to create a record of who has cameras pointing where, so that in case of a crime that your cameras may have caught in action, they can request footage from you for investigation.

Ask your local police department if they have a program. Here’s what some California Police Departments are saying.

From the Stockton Police Department’s Citizens Observation Program page, “Video surveillance is one of the best methods to apprehend criminals and convict suspects in the act of committing a crime. Installing video surveillance is a great example of community-police partnerships and is highly valued as a police agency serving our community.”

Sgt. Chris Stines, president of the Berkeley Police Association, said, “The footage is already there. The information is already being recorded… It just adds a level of organization that makes sense.”

Many police departments provide information on what kind of surveillance system is required to be a part of this camera registry program. The Fremont Police have created this list on their website.

As a leader in partnerships with local law enforcement and security systems, Bay Alarm is equipped with the expertise, community knowledge, and products to ensure you have a system that makes not only your home more secure, but also your neighborhood.