live video monitoring

Deter crime with AI-powered video security

Blending AI technology with human intervention, Live Video Monitoring offers protection you have to see to believe.

Bay Alarm’s premium video security service stops break-ins before they start, and provides 24/7 protection for your staff, outdoor space, and valuable inventory.

A proactive solution for today’s security challenges

Deter criminals in real time:

An automated loudspeaker message scares off most trespassers, and our trained agents verbally engage any who don't leave right away.

Reduce false alarms with AI:

Artificial intelligence technology in each camera knows when a human is on your property.

Get police help faster:

Video alarms confirmed by our security agents so the police know it's a priority call.

Access footage anywhere:

Reliable, cloud-based video storage and an easy-to-use web platform and app mean you’re always in control.

“5 year customer. Our first store has been broken into 3 times and the live video monitoring system alarm forced the thieves to get out quickly with little to show for it. We just opened a new location and we are happy to use Bay Alarm for our security system again.”

Stay ahead of security threats with our comprehensive Live Video Monitoring eBook.

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