Video Security for every situation

You want the latest in video security to protect what matters most. Whether you need to protect one or multiple locations, we got you. Our suite of video security services means we can customize a security system that fits with your needs and budget—and scales with your business.

Custom video security services with expert support

All of our video service packages come with professional installation, high-definition cameras, and remote troubleshooting support. Ask us about how we can customize one of the below options for you.

  • Live Video Monitoring: Advanced AI-powered video security that deters crime and stores your footage in the cloud.
  • Event-Based Video Monitoring: Smart AI video security that deters crime and can integrate with other systems.
  • Alarm Video Verification: Basic indoor video security that’s triggered by your burglar alarm for extra protection.
  • Traditional Video Surveillance: A self-monitored video security system that you host on your premises for maximum control.

Compare our video services to find the right fit

Smart Video
Traditional Video
Traditional Video Surveillance
Alarm Video Verification
Event-Based Video Monitoring
Protection level
We’re always here to keep your property safe with a system that fits your budget.
Professional monitoring by Bay Alarm
When the system is armed, our security specialists in Concord, California, are there if it trips.
Verifies alarms for faster police response
Our security specialists verify the threat before calling the police; improves response times and reduces false alarms.
Integrates with other systems or cameras*
Can either integrate with your burglar alarm, trigger your burglar alarm, or work with existing cameras.
Powered by Artificial Intelligence
The system uses analytics to tell the difference between objects (a plastic bag) and people who trespass.
Proactive crime intervention
AI will trigger a recorded message to deter intruders and our security specialists can patch in if needed.
Full cloud storage options*
All your footage is stored securely in the cloud for 30 days.
*Capabilities may vary depending on your budget, current security set up, and the custom options you choose.

Work with a partner that understands your business

We protect businesses of every shape, size, and specialty. Learn more about how Bay Alarm’s video security services can help you:

No matter what you’re trying to protect, we got you.


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