live video monitoring

The Ultimate Guide to Live Video Monitoring

Learn how proactive security stops theft and vandalism before it even starts.

Live Video Monitoring deters crime, protects staff, and safeguards inventory. But what is it? How does it work? And why do you need it?

The Ultimate Guide to Live Video Monitoring includes:

How Live Video Monitoring works

Plus a breakdown of the system and its functions.

5 key technology trends

What's driving the increase in adoption.

The ROI potential

Opportunity for businesses that switch to Live Video Monitoring.

Real-life success stories

Learn from the businesses who have cut crime and losses by partnering with Bay Alarm.

“5 year customer. Our first store has been broken into 3 times and the live video monitoring system alarm forced the thieves to get out quickly with little to show for it. We just opened a new location and we are happy to use Bay Alarm for our security system again.”

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