Communication Preferences

How we communicate with you, our valued customers

As your security partner, it’s our job to alert you or your emergency contacts if and when your alarm triggers. We also contact you when something might be preventing your system from working as it should, like a low battery or communication interference between your system and our monitoring center.

Depending on the type of event or issue—and your preferences—we’ll either give you a call, send you a text, or send you an email. Keep reading for more information on how, when, and why we contact you.

How and when we contact you

For burglar or fire alarm activations, one of our operators will always call the numbers on your contact list as soon as possible.

For non-emergency system notifications like low batteries or signal issues, we will contact you based on the below:

  • If your number is a landline, our automated system will give you a call from 1-800-470-1000.
  • If your number is a mobile number, our automated system will text you from 229898 (BAYTXT).
  • If you opted in to BayLink, you will receive an email from NOREPLY@BAYALARM.COM with the subject “Bay Alarm Notification.”

Using automated calls, texts, and emails allows us to reach you sooner, but you always have the option to speak with an operator if you have any questions.

Our system sends texts and calls seven days a week from 10:00 am PST to 7:00 pm PST (unless 24-hour notification on troubles is required due to UL certification). You’ll only get one automated call or text per installation and incident within three days.

BAY ALARM COMPANY does not impose a separate fee for sending BAY ALARM COMPANY text messages under the BAY ALARM COMPANY Program. However, message and data rates may apply to each text message sent or received in connection with the BAY ALARM COMPANY Program, as provided in your mobile telephone service rate plan. Please contact your mobile telephone carrier for pricing plans and information. If you do not wish to receive text messages from BAY ALARM COMPANY or others acting on BAY ALARM COMPANY’s behalf, or do not wish to comply with the terms and conditions, you should NOT submit the opt-in form.

SMS Terms and conditions can be found here.

Our system sends email notifications 24/7. You’ll receive an email for every single activation, meaning if there is a recurring issue with your system, you may receive multiple emails in one day.

Please add the following phone numbers to your contact lists, so we don’t end up in Spam: 1-800-470-1000, 1-855-430-2313, and 229898.

Keeping your contact list up to date

No matter your communication preference, we encourage you to keep your contact list up to date, so you don’t miss out on important information. When your alarm goes off, we use your contact list before notifying the authorities. We suggest you regularly revisit your contact list, including after life events and employment changes.

Keeping your contact list up to date is an easy way to:

  • Help us determine if alarms are real or false
  • Keep your property and others safe
  • Keep important individuals updated during emergencies
  • Avoid costly false alarm fines

To update the people, phone numbers, and emails on your contact list, call 1-800-470-1000 to speak with an operator.

Changing your communication preferences

Opting In or Out of Phone Calls

Live operator phone calls come directly from our central station monitoring professionals. You’ll hear from an operator if your fire or burglar alarm triggers.

  • To opt in: No action needed—all Bay Alarm customers receive operator phone calls for alarm events as part of your contract.
  • To opt out: You can’t opt out of operator phone calls because this is how we reach you when your alarm triggers. You can, however, change your contact list so that we call the right people.

Automated phone calls are from our automated system and alert you to non-emergency notifications using a pre-recorded message. Using automated calls mean we can reach you sooner. You can always choose to speak with an operator if you have any questions.

  • To opt in: We automatically enroll all landlines in automated phone calls unless you tell us otherwise when you sign up.
  • To opt out: You can opt out of automated calls by calling 1-800-470-1000 so an operator can update your account details. Please note that if you opt out of automated calls, we will reach out via text message or email.

Opting In or Out of Text Messages (SMS)

If your number is a mobile number, our automated system will text instead of calling you for non-emergency notifications such as low batteries, camera issues, or network trouble. We send texts from 229898.

To opt in to receiving texts

  • We automatically enroll all mobile numbers in automated text messages—unless you tell us otherwise when you sign up.
  • If you want to opt in after opting out, you can reply UNSTOP to 229898 or call 1-800-470-1000 to speak with an operator.

To opt out of text messages

  • Reply STOP to the most recent message.
  • Text STOP to 229898.
  • Call 1-800-470-1000 to speak with an operator.

Please note: Opting out of texts means we’ll give you an automated phone call to your cell phone instead. If you opt out of both automated text messages and calls, we will enroll you in BayLink so that we can send you emails when your system needs attention.

What our text messages mean

Text messages limit the number of characters we can send, so you may see the following phrases. Here is more information on each message, and you can always call us to learn more:

  • low battery signal @: We received a low battery signal on an alarm device or your system’s backup battery.
  • trouble signal @: We received signal that tells us there is trouble with an alarm device or piece of equipment (ex. tampered device, hold up sensor, or smoke detector).
  • equipment supervisory signal @: We received a signal that tells us there is a problem with a piece of equipment we monitor (ex. post indicator valve, butterfly valve etc.).
  • supervisory signal @: We received a signal that tells us there is a problem with an alarm device, a piece of equipment or communication type (ex. telephone line trouble, network trouble, alarm sensor issue).
  • no communication @: We did not receive your alarm system’s automatic communication test signal.
  • camera trouble @: One or more of your monitored cameras is not connecting to a monitoring device.

Opting In or Out of Emails

If you opted in to receiving email notifications instead of calls or texts for non-emergency system notifications, we’ll send you an email from NOREPLY@BAYALARM.COM. The subject line will be “Bay Alarm Notification” and the email will contain information about where, when, and at what time we detected an issue with your system.

If you opt in to receiving emails, we’ll need to keep your most up to date email on file with your account.

Please note that UL certified accounts are not eligible for email notifications due to UL requirements.