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Live Video Monitoring: What It Is and How it Works

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What You Need To Know About Facial Recognition Security Technologies

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The ROI of Live Video Monitoring

In their research report on “The Future of Physical Security,” execs from Microsoft and Accenture interviewed... Read More

Success Story: Reducing Theft With Live Video Monitoring

Customer: Laborers Training School Laborers Training School provides construction-based labor training to union workers in multiple locations... Read More

Why Businesses Are Upgrading to Live Video Monitoring

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Five Key Trends Driving the Boom in Live Video Monitoring

News about artificial intelligence is everywhere these days. So it’s no surprise that business owners are... Read More

Why Optimizing Your Business Security System Can Save You Money

The best runners in the world aren’t simply fast; they’re efficient. The most popular cars don’t... Read More

Security Agent Services: Everything You Need to Know

What are security agent services? Security agent services (SAS) are live security agents who work on... Read More

How To Keep Your Business Safe and Thriving in the Era of BOPIS

A typical customer in 2023 wants—and expects—a shopping experience that works for them. A challenge for... Read More

The Human Touch: Mixing AI With On-the-Ground Agents

There’s no denying that AI-powered technology offers you a chance to step up your business’s security... Read More

How Behavior Analytics is Shaping the Present and Future of Businesses Security

You’ve probably heard of behavioral analytics. It’s everywhere these days, shaping our world and dramatically influencing... Read More

The Real Advantages of Remote Access Control

Understanding who is at your business—and when—is a key priority for most business owners. Another obvious,... Read More

There’s More to Live Video Monitoring Than You Think

Video security has come a long way, so much so that the full capabilities of a... Read More

The Many Layers of Live Video Monitoring

What is live video monitoring? Live video monitoring is a commercial security service that deters crime... Read More

How to Pay Your Bay Alarm Bill

You can pay your Bay Alarm bill in one of three ways: through our online portal,... Read More

Are Robotics And Drones The Future Of Perimeter Security?

According to Security Magazine, more than 2,000 first-responder agencies across the US currently use drones and... Read More

Managing Your Security System as Your Business Scales

Scaling a business is an exciting time filled with new possibilities. But it can also bring... Read More

AI vs. DIY: Why a Commercial Security System is Worth the Investment

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How to Overcome Challenges When Installing Video Security Systems

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How to Ensure Employee Safety in Multi-Site Business

Preserving employee safety can be a big challenge when expanding your business to multiple locations. As... Read More

Why Auto Lot Security is More Crucial Than Ever

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7 Safety Risks You Could Be Ignoring

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Managing Risk: A Comprehensive Guide to Employee Safety

Every business owner deals with risk: it’s part of doing business. Some risks are worth taking,... Read More

The Connection Between Employee Safety and Customer Satisfaction

An unsafe work environment poses hazards for businesses beyond the physical risks to employees. It can... Read More

Hi-Tech Security Solutions for Low-Tech Businesses

The best modern business security systems feature some of the most advanced technology on the planet.... Read More

Creating a Culture of Safety in the Workplace

Build a culture of safety the right way Protecting employees and the office work space takes... Read More

8 Essential Safety Tips Every Warehouse Employee Should Know

Warehouses are complex environments that present many potential hazards to employees. According to the Occupational Safety... Read More

Maximizing Your Security Budget: Tips and Tricks

Protect Your Business Without Breaking the Bank Protecting staff, inventory, and physical property is a priority... Read More

No, Low, and High-Training Security Tools For Your Business Needs

Security tools work best when they fit the exact needs―and capacity―of your business and staff. The... Read More

How Security Agents Can Boost Your Business’s Security

Implementing an effective security system for your business isn’t as simple as installing a camera, setting... Read More

Security Tech Tools to Help Your Business Keep up With Safety Regulations

Following business safety regulations isn’t a choice but an obligation. Ignoring compliance standards not only puts... Read More

How to Protect Employee Privacy and Employee Security at the Same Time

Business leaders know how difficult choosing a security system can be. Every organization has specific needs... Read More

Just How Important Is Safety Compliance for Businesses?

Securing your business is crucial for longevity and future success. Maintaining a safe work environment goes... Read More

Business Security Systems: How to Understand Pricing and Control Your Costs

Researching business security systems can be frustrating and confusing. There are many moving parts, and when you ask for the cost, the answer is usually, “It depends.” Read More

How to Protect Your Business After a Break-in (or Major Security Incident)

One of the most frequent reasons business owners approach security companies is, unfortunately, one of the... Read More

The Essential Components of a Modern Business Security System

Keeping up with trends and technological advancements in the security industry can be challenging. Knowing where... Read More

Why Quality Matters in Business Security Systems

Robbery, theft, and arson cost US businesses over $17.2 billion in losses in 2021. As a... Read More

Is It Time to Update Your Business Security System? Here’s How to Tell

With the rapid pace of technology, business security systems can become outdated faster than ever. Seeing... Read More

How AI-Powered Video Monitoring Works to Deter Crimes Before They Occur

For businesses concerned about deterring theft, vandalism, and other costly threats to their property and inventory,... Read More

What You Should Know About Smoke Alarm Systems for Your Business

Searching for a smoke alarm system for your business? You’re probably going to need a smoke... Read More

Are You Guilty Of These Common Building Fire Code Violations?

Do you know what it takes to stay compliant with building fire codes? Not every business... Read More

The Case For Office Building Real-Time Video Monitoring

Picture walking from your office building to your car at the end of the day. Others... Read More

How Professional Fire Alarm System Services Can Help You Meet Changing Fire Codes

How do you keep up with evolving fire codes for your property? Amid everyday business concerns,... Read More

Cannabis Fire Safety: How to Best Protect Your Business

Several high-profile fires have raised the urgency of fire protection for cannabis facilities. So, what is... Read More

What is NVR? 5 Features of Network Video Recorders Your Business Could Benefit From

If you’re searching for the right video surveillance system, you have likely run across the network... Read More

How Fire Alarm Monitoring Can Reduce Risk for the Waste Industry

Waste is kindling for fires. If you work in the waste industry, you are likely aware... Read More

Why Integrated Cybersecurity is Important for Your Business

The numbers don’t lie. Despite all the focus on cybersecurity, cybercriminals remain a costly threat to... Read More

School Security Tips and Best Safety Practices

School security is important from kindergarten through college. Prioritizing safety can put students and staff at... Read More

Warehouse Security: How to Protect Your Staff and Product

Companies of all industries depend on warehouses to store and ship valuable goods. And storing large... Read More

Retail Loss Prevention Techniques: A Guide

As the business owner or manager of a retail store, you need to be aware of... Read More

Keep Your Employees Safe: Implement a Workplace Safety Program

As a business leader, you might wonder how to implement or improve the safety program at... Read More

Video Content Analysis: Real-Time Video Monitoring Powered by Advanced Analytics

Video content analysis (VCA), also known as video analytics, is a video surveillance technology used to improve the response to crime and other emergencies. Video content... Read More

’Tis the Season To Minimize Risk: Keeping Your Business Safe and Secure

Protecting your business and staff during the holidays can be challenging, especially with all the surrounding... Read More

Understanding Access Control Systems: RFID vs. NFC

Access control systems give business owners and managers the power to control what areas employees and... Read More

Stolen Package? Here’s What You Should Do

More people are shopping online than ever before. Online shopping sales hit a record high of... Read More

Find the Best Home Security System: DIY vs. Bay Alarm

If you’re thinking about buying a “Do it Yourself” home security system, watch this video. You’ll... Read More

How Often Should You Test Your Security System?

A security system will only keep you safe if it functions properly. You should check and... Read More

Compare Bay Alarm to Other Security System Companies

One big reason Bay Alarm is different from other security system companies: it’s locally operated and... Read More

How to Meet Security Requirements for California Cannabis Businesses

California voters made recreational cannabis legal in 2016. Since then, thousands of cannabis dispensaries and other... Read More

Monitored vs. Non-Monitored Home Security Systems: The Critical Difference

What happens if your non-monitored home security system goes off? The most advanced technology in the... Read More

Is 3G Going Away? What The ‘3G Sunset’ Means for Your Security System

The answer is yes, 3G is going away. The network will no longer exist at the end... Read More

The Best Smart Home Security Devices for Beginners

Even as businesses and schools open back up, many people across the U.S. have transitioned to... Read More

Seven-Point Home Security System Inspection

At Bay Alarm, we provide the best customer service in the home security business. During every... Read More

What Is a Carbon Monoxide Detector and How Does it Work?

Did you know that an estimated 50,000 people in the US go to the emergency room... Read More

Bay Alarm Partners With Habitat For Humanity on 3D-Printed Home Project

Habitat for Humanity is building a first-of-its-kind 3D-printed home in Tempe, Arizona, as part of their... Read More

Retroactive Residential Fire Alarm Requirements Enforced in San Diego

In 2020, owners of some multifamily residences in San Diego began receiving notices titled “Retroactive Residential... Read More

Carbon Monoxide Detection for Your Home Security System

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless and colorless gas that can kill in minutes. We install... Read More

Protect your Business with a Security System from Bay Alarm

Here’s some reality TV you probably haven’t seen: actual property crimes in progress, captured by Bay... Read More

Small Business Security from Bay Alarm

An important part of managing your business is ensuring the safety and security of your employees,... Read More

Bay Alarm, Celebrating Its 75th Anniversary, Urges Businesses & Homeowners to Protect Themselves in Wake of Soaring Burglaries.

Company Known for its Security Expertise Offers Tips on How to Prevent Being a Victim. CONCORD,... Read More

What is Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP)?

Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is an access control systems standard developed by the Security Industry... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Contact Sensors

Contact sensors are security devices typically installed on doors and windows. They can notify you and... Read More

Dome vs. Bullet Security Camera Guide

Selecting the right type of security camera for your home or business is critical, as security... Read More

What Are Security Guard Services and How Can They Help Your Business?

Standard commercial security guard services include agent response, guard patrol, and standing guard, all of which... Read More

What Is Biometric Security and How Secure Is It?

Biometric security systems digitally identify people through biological signatures, like fingerprints, facial recognition, and eye scans.... Read More

Business Security for Corporate Accounts with Multiple Locations

Ever try scheduling service appointments for multiple locations with a big security company? Chances are, you... Read More

How Does a Business Burglar Alarm System Work?

Having a basic knowledge of burglar alarm systems will help you decide what kind of system... Read More

How Do Wireless Security Cameras Work?

Like all security technology, security cameras have come a long way in recent years. As people... Read More

Learn How Commercial Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems Work

Your fire alarm and sprinkler systems must satisfy all federal, state, and local regulations. If it... Read More

Advanced Commercial Security Camera Technology

Believe it or not, commercial security cameras used to give us blurry images. Luckily, those days... Read More

Commercial Security System Tax Deductions Available

Are you hesitant to get a security and fire alarm system for your business due to... Read More

Types of Fire Alarm Systems Explained

Fire alarm systems keep buildings and building occupants safe from fires. While it is easy to... Read More

Car Lots Are at Risk With Catalytic Converter Theft on the Rise

Catalytic converter theft has become a big issue for car lots as the price of materials... Read More

What Are IP Cameras and How Do They Work?

An IP camera, or internet protocol camera, is a type of digital security camera that receives... Read More

LYNX Touch: Connecting Your Tablet & LYNX Touch

LYNX Touch provides state of the art security and home automation benefits. If you purchase the... Read More

How Does Home Security Geofencing Work? Security Automation Explained

A geofence is a virtual perimeter, or boundary, around a specific, real-world location. A geofence can... Read More

NVR vs. DVR: What’s Best For Security Camera Footage?

When shopping for a business security camera system, you might have the option to choose a... Read More

LYNX Touch User Guide

Congratulations on your LYNX Touch—an incredibly innovative and surprisingly simple security system. This brilliant touch screen... Read More

What Causes False Alarms and How Can You Prevent Them?

Despite advanced security technology, false alarms do happen. Non-emergency events are major strains on local emergency... Read More

LYNX Plus User Guide

Welcome to the world of LYNX Plus! Combining the best in wireless home security with special... Read More

How To: Change the Master Code on a Honeywell Master Vista System

In this video, we’ll show you how to change a master code on a Vista 20... Read More

Bay Alarm Looks Out for the Community in More Ways Than One

CONCORD, CALIF. – Bay Alarm, a seventy-five-year-old family owned and operated security company, doesn’t just protect... Read More

What Is Video Alarm Verification & How Does It Work?

Video alarm verification pairs your security system with an alarm monitoring center. In the event an... Read More

How To Connect Your LYNX Touch to WiFi

LYNX Touch provides state-of-the-art security and home automation benefits. You can connect your LYNX Touch devices... Read More

LYNX Plus: Compact Efficient Security System

A security system redefined—it’s LYNX Plus from Honeywell! Sleek and compact, this wireless system blends with... Read More

How Do Motion Sensors Work: A Guide

A motion sensor, or motion detector, is an electronic device that uses a sensor to detect... Read More

What to Know Before Buying a Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is one of the most important security features of any building—they are... Read More

Connect Your iPad or Android Device to Your Tuxedo Touch Keypad

The Tuxedo Touch has a built-in web server allowing a user to control their security system... Read More

How Does an Access Control System Work?

Traditional metal keys can be easily lost, locks must be professionally re-keyed if an ex-employee fails... Read More

How To Change An Existing Code on Your Business DMP System

  How do you change an employee’s code on your business DMP system? It’s easy! You... Read More

How to Add Users to Your DMP Business Alarm System with Virtual Keypad

The ‘Users’ page allows you to manage all of the users on your system. Connect to... Read More

How to Manage Profiles on Your DMP Business Security System With Virtual Keypad

Schedules and profiles work together to let you customize how and when you give an individual... Read More

What to Look for When Buying a Security Camera System

Modern security camera systems are great for monitoring your home or business, as many systems offer... Read More

An Overview of Virtual Keypad for Business Security Systems

The ‘System Overview’ page gives you quick access to the parts of your system you interact... Read More

Can a DIY Security System Save You Money vs Hiring a Security Company?

For those looking to increase the safety of their home or business, it can be tempting... Read More

How to Check Your DMP Security System History on

The history page on allows you to view the most recent events on your system.... Read More

Choosing a Security System for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you need more than just a security camera or burglar alarm.... Read More

How to Generate DMP Business Security System Reports with Virtual Keypad

The reports page allows you to generate reports about what’s been happening on your system. You... Read More

How to Set Up Holiday Schedules on

Holiday dates allow you to adjust your system schedules on special occasions throughout the year.  Once... Read More

How to Manage Access Control on

The Virtual Keypad website allows you to conveniently manage your access control system using your computer... Read More

How to Arm and Disarm Your Business DMP System

The Bay Alarm Link mobile app makes arming and disarming your business security system easy. Take... Read More

How to Add Users to Your Business DMP Security System

Adding users to your Business DMP system is easy, and only takes a few steps. To... Read More

SureHome by Bay Alarm

SureHome by Bay Alarm provides you with the most compact and secure home security interface on... Read More

How Contractors Can Gauge the Cost of a Commercial Fire Security Plan

Constructing a new commercial building—be it a retail space, apartment complex, skyscraper, or sporting arena—is a... Read More

BayGuard+ Video Verified Alarm Systems for Business

Bay Alarm’s BayGuard+ live video monitoring puts you in complete control of your business’s security system.... Read More

Monitored vs Unmonitored Alarm System: Costs & Key Differences

There are a wide variety of home and business security devices and systems. You can opt... Read More

How To Set a Secure PIN Code for Your Burglar Alarm System

Your home or business burglar alarm system increases the safety of everyone and everything within. It’s... Read More

Bay Alarm Donates to Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office to Aid Recruiting Efforts

On Tuesday, July 14, the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors approved Bay Alarm Company’s  donation to... Read More

What Is Z-Wave and How Does It Work?

Many homeowners have adopted home automation technology due to its convenience and security. Z-Wave, one of... Read More

How to Secure Your Construction Site

In 2016, there were over 11,000 reported construction-site equipment thefts in the United States, which accounted... Read More

Bay Alarm’s Matt Westphal Donates Raffle Grand Prize Back to St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s College recently had their car raffle to benefit their Galloping Gaels Fund and... Read More

Small Business Cyber Security Plan: Are You at Risk?

A cyber security breach, or data breach, is an intentional or unintentional release of private information... Read More

A Guide to Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

Whether you’re planning a summer vacation for the whole family, or you and your spouse are... Read More

Preparing Your Business Security System for the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is shifting most day-to-day work operations from the office to the home.... Read More

Integrating Smart Home Technology With Your Security System

Smart home technology includes a vast variety of wirelessly connected devices. When it comes to entertainment... Read More

Bay Alarm Helps Santa Clara County Fire Department Support Housing for Homeless Population

With California under shelter-in-place orders and everywhere across the nation practicing social distancing, Santa Clara County... Read More

California Fire Code to be Upheld During Pandemic Says State Fire Marshall

The California State Fire Marshal recently announced that it is still essential for contractors to ensure... Read More

Can I Use My Old Security System with a New Provider?

Homeowners occasionally find themselves shopping for a new home security services provider, whether because of dissatisfaction... Read More

Doorbell Camera Safety Considerations: Can Video Doorbells Be Hacked?

As doorbell cameras become more pervasive, there are also an increasing number of cases in which... Read More

Fire Safety Tips for Business

Fire is one of the top risks to any small business. According to the National Fire Prevention... Read More

Business Security: Burglar Proof Your Windows and Doors

While you can’t always predict supply and demand, ensuring the protection of your business is one... Read More

Disaster Preparedness Tips for Families

With natural disasters being an ever present concern, we wanted to help bring to mind some... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Doorbell Cameras

Smart home devices are growing in popularity, and doorbell cameras are shaping up to be a... Read More

Is Airbnb Safe? Security Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Is Airbnb safe? Check out these security tips before you list your home on this vacation... Read More

National Night Out 2019

Now in its 35th year, National Night Out (NNO) was founded in 1984 in a western... Read More

California State Sheriffs’ Association Partnership

Bay Alarm is proud to be a title sponsor and partner with the California State Sheriffs... Read More

Bay Alarm Acquires Perma Guard Security

April 10, 2019 CONCORD, CALIF. – Bay Alarm continues to grow and expand in Southern California... Read More

Bay Alarm Company Acquires Evergreen Security

CONCORD, CALIF. – Bay Alarm, the largest independently owned security company in the United States, got... Read More

Bay Alarm Acquires Bonds Alarm

CONCORD, CALIF. – Bay Alarm, a family owned and operated security company dedicated to protecting homes,... Read More

Bay Alarm Brothers Inducted Into Security Sales and Integration Industry Hall of Fame

Pacheco, CA. April 6, 2016 – Two of Bay Alarm’s leading executives have been inducted into the Security... Read More

Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC) Partnership

  The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff operates the Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC)... Read More