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Find the Best Home Security System: DIY vs. Bay Alarm

If you’re thinking about buying a “Do it Yourself” home security system, watch this video. You’ll learn why Bay Alarm systems are a lot more than what comes in a box.

Your typical DIY home security system has state of the art wireless technology with a quick set-up guide that is 18 pages long. You might have exposed wiring on your counter and that might be okay for a starter apartment, but not for Bay Alarm.

At Bay Alarm, we have our own state of the art, wireless technology, and our quick set-up guide: a Bay Alarm technician with over 200 hours of training. Home security is not a one-size-fits-all, we optimize for your space and your needs. If you’ve got a DIY system, it’s 2 in the morning and there is something wrong with your security system, you’re on your own. With Bay Alarm we have our own call center. We respond to customers 24/7. If someone needs an emergency repair, we’ll send one of our own technicians, day or night.

A Bay Alarm home security system is a lot more than what comes in a box.

Let us show you the Bay Alarm difference, and what it can mean to the security and protection of your family and business. Contact us today to receive a free system quote!