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Q: How does Bay Alarm help protect my home and business differently than other security companies?

A: Installing an alarm system is only the beginning of how we serve you. We give you peace of mind in many other ways. See how we compare to other security companies.

20 Security Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

How much do you know about home security? Or burglars, for that matter? Did you know that someone breaks into a home every 15 seconds in the United States? Which tells us that the break-in business is unfortunately alive and well. That’s why we think you should know as much as possible about defending your home against intruders. A great place to start is with our "20 Security Facts That Every Homeowner Should Know." You’ll learn some surprising things about how burglars work and some simple steps you can take to thwart them.

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Why is professional installation and monitoring better than DIY?

One thing we’ve learned, home security is not one-size-fits-all. When we install your system, it’s optimized for your space and your needs. With a DIY setup, you’re likely to have exposed wiring or equipment sitting on your counter. What else do you get with Bay Alarm? 24-hour support. If you go DIY, you are on your own.

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Where can I get my NFPA 72 and 25 inspection forms?

Bay Alarm has invested significant resources in developing an industrial, electronic, inspection testing system that makes reports easily accessible to customers through BayNet. Our dedicated, certified fire inspectors utilize tablets to test every required device.
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How can I test my system?

Simply call our Monitoring Center at 800-470-1000. They will place your account in “test mode.” You can then either send a manual test signal or test a specific device, and we will provide you with the results and make any recommendations.
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How do I log into BayNet?

Click the BayNet logo at the top corner of our website. Log in using your email address and password. There you can view your account details, testing results, and pay your bill online. For more features such as searchable, downloadable alarm activity and facility management exception reports, ask about upgrading to BayNet Plus!
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