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Monitored vs. Non-Monitored Home Security Systems: The Critical Difference

What happens if your non-monitored home security system goes off? The most advanced technology in the world isn’t going to matter if there’s a burglar in your house and you’re the only one who knows, or you don’t know because you are not at home.

Doing it yourself means responding to an alarm yourself. That will never happen with a professionally monitored alarm system from Bay Alarm.

With Bay Alarm, when the alarm goes off, one of our employees here at Bay Alarm’s central alarm monitoring station knows about it, so we can notify the authorities. And we will do so whether you are at home, at work, or even on vacation. We’ll even provide you with a report sent to your phone so there are no surprises.

If you have a fire, a monitored smoke alarm can save you critical minutes and ultimately save lives. The moment your alarm goes off, Bay Alarm knows about it. And we’re already dispatching emergency responders, if needed.

With a Bay Alarm monitored home security system, rest assured that we’re always here, ready to respond 24/7.

Let us show you the Bay Alarm difference, and what it can mean to the security and protection of your family. Contact us to get a free, custom quote.