Robert Mora

Corporate Trainer, Veterans of Bay Founder

“Robert is a man who is always cheerful and goes out of his way to make sure people get the knowledge they need to do their job to the utmost standards.”

For Veterans Day, we are proud to feature a standout employee and Navy Veteran as our next Bay Way story. Robert Mora is a Corporate Trainer at Bay Alarm and the founder of our Veterans of Bay Employee Resource Group.

When Robert was 18 years old and living in LA County, he had a strong sense of adventure that had him yearning to see more of the world. The Navy was the perfect answer. Robert spent the next four years seeing the United States and Europe while working on telecommunication systems on Naval ships within the fire division.

In the Navy, Robert learned that “no” is not an option, and you can solve almost any problem with enough labor, teamwork, and determination. Robert brings this mentality to work every day.

Having been a Bay Alarm employee for over nine years, Robert gets fulfillment from watching the employees he trained become managers, supervisors, and employees of the year. When asked what living the “Bay Way” mean to him, Robert believes it depends on the day. “Some days it means teamwork, some days it’s to do the right thing when no one is watching, some days it is to help someone who doesn’t have a voice.”

He credits Sean Peters, Bay Alarm Installation Manager in San Diego, as one of his mentors. Sean is a former Senior Chief Petty Officer in the Navy and a current Veterans of Bay member. According to Sean, Robert is a man who is “always cheerful and goes out of his way to make sure people get the knowledge they need to do their job to the utmost standards.” Sean salutes Robert and thinks he is the perfect representative for the Bay Alarm Veterans group.


About the Veterans of Bay ERG

Started in 2020, the group is just getting off the ground. Veterans of Bay is now 52-members strong—with both military veterans and their supporters encouraged to join. This group provides spirit, connection, and support for an unsung population of former military personnel and their loved ones.

Sean Peters says, “It’s wonderful to take the time to recognize and give a platform to veterans and what they contribute to their country, during and after service. Being in the Navy taught me to lead but also to listen. This gives me the ability to understand the company’s overall goals and make sure that what I can control aligns and supports those goals.”

Recently, the Veterans of Bay implement a program to replace worn American flags for Bay Alarm customers. With a respectful, informal ceremony, representatives lower the flag, fold it, and then replace it. Their next community involvement project is a Toys for Tots drive over the holidays.

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