School Security & Life Safety Systems

K-12, College and University Security System Solutions

Create a safe space for students and faculty on your campus with an advanced security solution from Bay Alarm. Your educational facility can benefit from an access control system, video surveillance, and a comprehensive fire alarm system that is professionally installed and monitored, leaving you with peace of mind.

Scott has held my hand through this entire experience. The installers and technicians, that have been here so far, have all been courteous, understanding, and accommodating. Jessica Lopez has put up with our hectic schedule in a way that shows professionalism and empathy. We are close to closing this project out, and will definitely be thinking of Bay Alarm when we get to upgrade our other campus. -The Berkeley School

Security Camera Systems for Schools

Allow security personnel to keep an eye on all parts of your educational facility at all times. Deter property damage and on-site crime with a comprehensive video surveillance system by Bay Alarm.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Feel secure with our highly trained Bay Alarm monitoring experts and know that in the event of an emergency, we will dispatch the local authorities. Reduce anxiety and stress knowing a system is in place to contact local authorities in a timely manner.

Access Control

Our access control solutions give you full control of who can access certain areas of your campus and when. Protect against unwanted visitors, students wandering into faculty only spaces, and use of facilities after hours.

Remote School Security System Monitoring

With the Bay Alarm app, security personnel can view and record live video, receive event based notifications, watch multiple cameras simultaneously, and more.

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Should schools have security cameras?

Schools should have cameras to ensure the safety of their students and faculty. Cameras are great for school administrators to monitor people entering and leaving their campus. Cameras are also a great deterrent to prevent potential crimes from occurring.
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How long do schools keep security camera footage?

On average, the footage recorded by school security cameras would be kept for about 30-90 days, but the recording period would vary among schools and institutions. The school security camera systems will automatically overwrite the oldest recorded footage once the storage space runs out. Generally, the administration will know about any event that requires the review of the camera footage within the first few days.
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Are there security cameras in classrooms?

School cameras are typically placed in areas that do not infringe on students' right to privacy, such as classrooms, hallways, common areas, and building perimeters. However, installing security surveillance cameras in school bathrooms or toilets where there is reasonable expectation of privacy is definitely illegal. In a public school setting there are union regulations against the recording of faculty in their classroom space.
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