Success Story: Reducing Theft With Live Video Monitoring

Customer: Laborers Training School

Laborers Training School provides construction-based labor training to union workers in multiple locations across 12 counties in Southern California.

Challenge: Trespassing, theft, and frequent alarms on training sites

The school’s campuses were a frequent target for crime, and their existing security provider wasn’t making the cut.

Security challenges and losses

  • Loss of $100k in welding equipment
  • Frequent trespassers and issues with homeless population
  • Missing catalytic converters, generators, and fuel

Challenges with previous security provider

  • Waking up safety manager in the middle of the night
  • Not capable of providing creative solutions to security issues
  • Reactive security offerings that did nothing to prevent crime

Solution: A customized Bay Alarm live video monitoring system

Bay Alarm installed a complete live video monitoring system at multiple properties for a price similar to their previous vendor’s traditional video system.

Each system included perimeter protection, AI-powered cameras, and a protocol so the safety manager could sleep through the night.

Results: zero theft and fewer sleepless nights

I feel extraordinarily in good hands with the Bay Alarm system. I watch the videos, and thieves don’t step 20 feet on the property before they turn around and leave. They go to a different place where they know people aren’t watching them. I can’t even remember the last time I was woken up after switching to Bay Alarm. What I love about Bay is that there’s always a solution and never an excuse. As long as I can, I will continue to use Bay Alarm at all our sites.

Mark Solano, Safety Manager at Laborers Training School.

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