Hi-Tech Security Solutions for Low-Tech Businesses

The best modern business security systems feature some of the most advanced technology on the planet. Cloud-based video storage, app-controlled features, and artificial intelligence-powered cameras can be a real game-changer for small businesses looking for reliable protection. The good news for low-tech companies is that many of the most effective high-tech security solutions are easier to use than ever before. We’ve outlined a few essential steps for “low-tech” businesses ready to boost their security with high-tech products. 

Partner with knowledgeable, experienced professionals 

With rapid advances in technology, many business owners may feel at a loss when considering high-tech security solutions. For those owners, it’s especially important to partner with a security provider specializing in providing comprehensive and hands-on customer service with high-tech products. 

Seek out customized solutions designed to address your needs

You may feel overwhelmed at the available options—or maybe you don’t understand the basic features of those options. If that’s the case, make sure to find a customer-oriented security partner who will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business and your specific security needs. A good partner will listen to your concerns and work to understand how best to provide your business with the protection it needs. They can also recommend a customized slate of products and services that are within your budget and technological comfort level. 

Work with a true security partner 

A true security partner won’t abandon you after they make a sale. They’ll help you with set up, train you and your staff, and ensure that you fully understand any tools or devices that you’ll be using. If you experience problems or confusion along the way, a strong partner will be available to troubleshoot or walk you through your issue. And if your system requires updates, upgrades, or new technology becomes available, that partner can assist you with any steps you need to take. When shopping for security solutions, make sure to partner with a provider that offers that level of expertise and service so you feel wholly comfortable accessing and using your security system. 

Explore access control technology

Access control security has been around for a long time, and many of us already interact with access control systems on a daily basis. These systems allow users to come and go at a site easily without employing the use of traditional locks and keys or a live security agent. If you’ve ever used a key fob or access card to tap into an office or apartment building, you’ve used access control security. 

For low-tech businesses, access control is an excellent option for trustworthy security. Most modern access control systems connect seamlessly into technology most business owners already own, like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Once they’re set up, they can allow the business owner or manager to control who enters the site and when, and many now compile comprehensive records of who accesses a site at any time. And they’re simple to usemost just require the tap of a card to enter a spacebut provide big payoff in terms of protection and data.  

Consider live video monitoring services 

Another high-tech option for low-tech businesses is live video monitoring. This service provides business owners with the best of both worlds: not only do they get high-quality video recording powered by the latest technology, but it’s also monitored by expertly trained local security professionals. A good live video monitoring service can help stop thieves and trespassers in their tracks, as monitors can verbally engage trespassers or quickly contact authorities if needed. 

Today, many live video cameras boast advanced technological features like AI-enhanced video technology that can detect movement, count people or vehicles, and perform facial recognition functions. Many also now offer cloud-based video storage that connects to easy-to-use web platforms or apps. These features, though highly technical and advanced, can serve as an asset to even “low-tech” businesses. 

Don’t compromise on safety 

With a bounty of high-tech security options on the market, no business should go unprotected because of discomfort or fear of new technologies. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner with you to make use of the best technology for the best protection. 



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