The Real Advantages of Remote Access Control

Understanding who is at your business—and when—is a key priority for most business owners. Another obvious, but no less important, priority is keeping the wrong people out of your business while making sure your staff has the access they need to do their jobs.

That’s why many businesses are switching over to remote access control security. With this service, users can access your business using key cards, pin codes, their phones, or even biometric scans instead of using keys. 

Remote access control is a must-have for businesses with multiple locations, as well as business managers who travel frequently, oversee multiple sites, or manage a large or often-changing workforce. 

Keep track of a changing office workforce

As we collectively shift towards a more remote-friendly work world, the flexibility of remote access controls security makes it easier to manage your workforce from wherever you (or they) are. With the increasing shift to hybrid and remote, your company’s on-site workforce may vary more day to day than in the past. With a modern access control system, it’s easier than ever to keep track of who is in the office and when. 

Truly remote management

A remote access control system offers you a strong security system that you can trust—and manage—from anywhere. You can grant or revoke permissions at the click of a button, from anywhere in the world, and monitor the comings and goings of your staff, visitors, and customers from wherever you are. Remote access control even allows you to let in vendors, contractors, or staff who’ve forgotten their credentials remotely. 

Robust data from anywhere

An access control system tells you who is on site at your property any time. This benefit is obvious from a security perspective: if your business is robbed or vandalized, you can use data to understand who was there that day. User data can also give you insights on how to run your business, like scaling your office footprint up or down depending on demand if you’re considering adopting a hybrid or remote schedule. 

Connects with existing technology

Most access control systems easily integrate into technology business owners already use, like smartphones, tablets, and laptop devices. This software is user friendly and easy to use, so any admin can access the user information and historical data they need.  

Simple to use

Once users are verified, access control systems are simple to use for both employees and managers. Most users can access a site through a simple tap of a keycard or phone, with a quick biometric scan, or by inputting a short numerical code. Tapping out is just as simple. This can increase efficiency for all businesses, but especially those that are large, complex, or spread across multiple locations. 

In an increasingly hybrid and remote world of work, remote access control security can be an indispensable tool for any business owner looking for flexibility, data, and security for their on-site staff and visitors. Contact us today to learn more about how remote access control can help your business. 

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