Security Tech Tools to Help Your Business Keep up With Safety Regulations

Following business safety regulations isn’t a choice but an obligation. Ignoring compliance standards not only puts your employees at risk, it opens the door for financial penalties and reputational harm. As business leaders already know, meeting modern safety regulations is easier with the right tools and support. 

Let’s take a look at some of the security tech solutions companies are deploying to meet safety standards and keep their workforces safe. 

Compliance, regulations, and workspace protection

A primary and intricate area of compliance is fire and alarm safety. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) updates its codes standards every three years. That’s plenty of time for specifications to change, while also being a fast enough turnaround to catch businesses off guard. The most recent fire alarm and signaling standards can be found in NFPA 72, which sets the guidelines on a wide-array of requirements for fire alarm systems.  

In addition, business owners must consider how safety can be proactively addressed in other areas, such as the physical well-being of employees and company property, the integrity of sensitive business data, and the general safeguarding of the workspace. 

So how do businesses avoid the overwhelming demands of compliance and workplace safety? By utilizing resources designed with their success in mind. 

Tools to stay safe, secure, and compliant

A simple way to approach fire alarm and security safety in general is to remember one of life’s timeless secrets: ask for help when you need it! Getting support to meet the needs of today while also preparing you for the future solves two issues at once. 

To that end, partnering with a proven alarm and security company frees a business from having to juggle numerous safety and compliance needs alone. A security provider can provide the following fire alarm technology and support:

  • A fire system that’s fully customized and meets federal, state, and local alarm requirements 
  • Professional installation, testing, maintenance, and inspection, including sprinkler services
  • System monitoring by specialists
  • An account management tool for logging and tracking all inspection and testing data

Beyond fire alarm systems, businesses can take advantage of a range of technology used to strengthen their safety protocols. 

  • Access control: Additional security through customized access control, which centrally manages all doors and access points with the touch of a button. Offers the ability to grant and revoke access with ease, keeping the building ― and everyone inside ― safer and more at ease. 
  • Analytics and intelligence: Certain camera systems can deploy analytics that track specific patterns of movement and color. This allows businesses to analyze ― and adjust ― security patterns with more detail and precision. 
  • Remotely monitored burglar alarms and sensors: Alarm systems have come a long way from just door and window triggers, with sensor technology that now can detect acoustic disruptions, heat, cold, water irregularities, and more. 

By utilizing the latest in security technology, companies can be better prepared to protect themselves from fires, break-ins, and other potential disruptions. Combining that technology with the support and service of a security expert takes the technology to the next level, and eases the burden of meeting future compliance standards. 

With customizable solutions and numerous features including alarm monitoring, access control with user-friendly dashboard, and a staff of security experts on call, Bay Alarm has your security needs covered. Contact us today to learn more. 


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