Why Auto Lot Security is More Crucial Than Ever

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, more than one million cars were stolen across the US in 2022. That figure represents a 7% increase from 2021, with thefts from California alone totaling more than 200,000. In fact, auto theft has become so common that, according to the New York Times, we’re in the middle of an “auto theft boom.”

COVID-19 is likey the cause of the recent spike: more cars sat unattended for days or weeks as owners worked from home and car dealerships limited visitors. This coincided with the rise in social media “how to” videos that break down how to steal certain models of cars quickly and easily. 

For car dealers and auto lot owners, there’s an additional threat: rising catalytic converters theft. With the skyrocketing prices of three precious metals that make up catalytic convertersplatinum, palladium, and rhodiumcatalytic converter theft shot up an astounding 540% between 2020 and 2022.

With cars increasingly vulnerable, how can auto lots keep their supply secure?

Live video monitoring: AI-powered protection 

Auto lots are filled with places for thieves and trespassers to hide. For the best protection, traditional security cameras aren’t enough. Seek out a live video monitoring service that combines high-tech video solutions with California-based live monitoring for a powerful combination that deters theft and vandalism.  

With live video monitoring services, you can protect your auto lot in three powerful ways:

  • AI-powered video cameras can detect even the slightest movement. In outdoor auto lots, theft and vandalism often occur at night, under the cover of darkness. Powerful AI-backed video cameras can detect trespassers and alert a security agent or live monitor instantly of suspicious activity. 
  • Verbally engage trespassers in real time. With many video monitoring services, when motion is detected, a verbal warning is automatically triggered. This loud message alerts thieves and trespassers that they’re on camera, staff is aware of their presence, and that authorities may be on their way. 
  • Trained security specialists who can call authorities. While AI-powered cameras can detect motion and issue a verbal warning, video monitors will confirm the presence of a trespasser and dispatch law enforcement to a site if needed. Our monitors are based in California (not overseas), and have strong working relationships with their local authorities and familiarity with the latest trends in auto lot theft and vandalism. 

Access Control Security

The best way to know who is on site at your auto lot at any given time is to implement a robust access control security system. Access control systems help businesses manage who accesses their properties with modern technology rather than traditional lock-and-key methods. In an access control security system, a system verifies users through various login credentials, including key fobs, biometric scans, pin codes, or a multifactor authentication process requiring multiple authentication methods for entry.  

 Access control can help you boost your auto lot security with:

  • Control over who accesses areas of your property. With a strong access control system, you gain greater control over who accesses what on site. You can grant or revoke permissions quickly and easily—sometimes from your smartphone or laptop. Instead of keys, access control systems use fobs, cards, or people’s smartphones.  
  • Rich historical data. Access control systems provide you with detailed data on which users tap in and out of a location, and when, so you’ll always be able to track who was on site at any given time. 

Security Agent Services

While high-tech security solutions play an essential role in auto lot security, a trained security agent on site can serve as a powerful deterrent to would-be thieves and trespassers. 

Trained security agents can:

  • Regularly patrol your perimeter, monitoring any changes or suspicious activity. 
  • Stand guard in visible spots throughout your property, alerting thieves and trespassers to an on-site security presence. 
  • Respond to an alarm trigger or emergency quickly and easily, to verify the threat before local law enforcement. 

In spite of the recent spike in car and catalytic converter theft, auto lots can ensure their stock stays safe and secure with the right combination of security services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


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