How to Manage Access Control on

The Virtual Keypad website allows you to conveniently manage your access control system using your computer or phone.

Visit and log into your personal account to get started. Once you connect to your system, you will see the ‘System Overview’ page. From the side menu, click on ‘Doors.’ Here, you will see all of your doors and their status—you can lock or unlock a door simply by clicking the lock or unlock icon. Click the icon which displays a locked lock, and the icon will be highlighted, indicating that the door is now locked. Click the icon displaying an unlocked lock to unlock a door. 

You can also grant temporary access to a door that is currently locked. Click on the green ‘Access’ button, and the door will unlock, allowing your guest to enter. The door will automatically lock after a few seconds. 

If you would like to lockdown all of your doors, click on the ‘Lockdown’ button in the top left corner. This will lock all doors simultaneously. 

That’s how easy it is to manage your home’s or business’s access control system on the ‘Doors’ page on!

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