AI vs. DIY: Why a Commercial Security System is Worth the Investment

If you’re relatively handy and feel like you have a solid understanding of technology, you might be tempted to take on a DIY security project to save money. But with the development of AI-backed security technology, there’s now a wide gap in quality between commercial-grade AI-powered security and low-cost DIY solutions.

In modern commercial security, AI-backed technology is rapidly opening up previously unheard of possibilities and providing businesses with unprecedented protection. AI-powered security technology isn’t just a nice bonus—it’s a complete game changer.

Can you really afford to leave AI on the table in favor of a seemingly lower-cost, DIY solution?

The awesome power of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science dedicated to building machines capable of human behavior or behavior that would typically require human intelligence. In the context of security, AI is designed to execute the same functions of a human security monitor—but in superhuman ways.

Current AI-backed security cameras can:

  • Detect and analyze motion. While traditional cameras may trigger an alarm when they detect motion, a commercial-grade AI-powered camera can distinguish between a harmless movement, like a flag waving or a passing animal, and a true threat, like a trespasser approaching a window.
  • Offer advanced image clarity. Current AI-powered cameras offer previously unprecedented image clarity and can even refocus on objects in motion to reduce blurriness.
  • Detect objects and biometrics and “intelligently” differentiate between them. AI-backed cameras can instantly perform advanced biometric recognition functions, and differentiate between cars and license plates. Emerging technology is also making it capable to survey movement and motion patterns to better identify potential threats.
  • Perform advanced counting functions, and report instantly on the number of people in a room or cars in a parking lot.
  • Verbally warn trespassers that they’re on camera. When a trespasser is identified, AI-powered cameras can issue an automated verbal warning that they are on camera and the authorities are on their way.
  • Notify human security monitors of an active threat. If the cameras detect a trespasser, they notify human security monitors at the same time the automated warning plays. These security specialists can then intervene and call the police if needed.

A proactive approach to security

These AI-powered features represent a shift from a reactive approach to security to a more proactive approach—one designed to prevent theft and break-ins rather than respond to them. With traditional security systems, security teams typically react to breaches after they’ve occurred, like when a person breaks a window or has already entered a restricted area.

AI-powered technology is designed to give you the tools to prevent a breach before it occurs. By intervening at the moment someone crosses your property line, AI security is one step ahead of a traditional video or burglar alarm system. Plus, the technology gets better and more precise over time, as it “learns” and gathers additional information and context continuously.

Can you DIY with AI?

You may have seen DIY security systems on the market boast AI-powered features. While some DIY security systems may include AI-backed technology, most DIY systems are lacking. Lower-tier analytics and improper set-up can lead to lots of false alarms and headaches.

The only way to get the full benefits of all that AI has to offer is by partnering with a trustworthy security provider.

When considering a DIY option, consider the following questions:

  • Are you confident that you fully understand how to use the technology to the best of its ability? With a DIY system, you’re on your own: partnering with a trusted professional is the only way to ensure you’re getting the latest technology and making the most of all the features it has to offer.
  • Who can you call for support? If something breaks or you need help troubleshooting a feature or bug, who can you call? Are there warranties on parts or installation, and/or a dedicated technician helping you with your case?
  • What additional services come with your cameras? The most effective security systems pair AI-powered cameras with live video monitoring services. If you don’t pair with a security partner on monitoring, who will be responsible for reviewing alarms? Are you confident that they understand the equipment well and have the knowledge and training to respond well in an emergency?

Why DIY may cost more overall

With all of the benefits a commercial-grade AI-powered system provides, a DIY system may end up costing you more overall.

With a DIY system you:

  • Cover the costs of all upgrades, repairs, and replacements. These can add up quickly. Plus, the time spent on maintenance and repairs is time taken out of your day when you could be working on more essential functions.
  • Take on the burden of monitoring your own system. Alarm triggers can happen frequently if your system isn’t set up properly. How many times can you stand to be woken up in the middle of the night?
  • Leave your business vulnerable. When you compromise on security, you put your whole business at risk. You’ll face a higher chance of installation errors, less effective technologies and equipment, and other security vulnerabilities you may not even be aware of that a professional could alert you to.

Even if you feel confident in your skills and understanding of your DIY system, a few weeks of research will never make up for the cumulative years of experience a professional security partner provides. Only a professional security service can make sure you get the best coverage, has access to and knowledge of the latest security technologies, and can help customize and install a system that works best to protect your business. Contact us today to learn how we can help you protect what you care about most with the latest AI-backed security solutions.

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