The ROI of Live Video Monitoring

In their research report on “The Future of Physical Security,” execs from Microsoft and Accenture interviewed over 200 physical security leaders across industries about the impact of new AI-enhanced models like live video monitoring.

Eight in ten experts surveyed said they believed they would see positive ROI from the technology. But how exactly does live video monitoring drive cost savings for business owners—and how does it prove it’s worth the investment?

Reduced security incidents

Twenty-eight percent of businesses reported an increase in physical security incidents in 2022. These incidents range from vandalism to theft of tools and equipment—even catalytic converters. Traditional security systems are focused on collecting evidence to catch criminals after the fact, yet only 13% of burglaries nationwide are ever solved.

Live video monitoring takes a different approach: 97% of the time, trespassers are deterred by automated speakers before they have the chance to commit a crime. Businesses protected by Bay Alarm’s live video monitoring regularly report preventing thefts of $5k to well over $100k per incident.

Fewer false alarms

AI-assisted live video monitoring is remarkably effective at eliminating the “noise” in your security system and the alarms it can trigger. With dramatically improved recognition accuracy over traditional security systems, professionally monitored AI security systems reduce the cost, labor, and headaches of false alarms, including fines from $25 to $200 per incident in some areas of California.

Decreased insurance premiums

Businesses without security systems are four times more likely to be burglarized, and business insurance providers have noticed. Businesses that install integrated alarm systems with live video monitoring can receive 5% to 20% off their business insurance premiums, depending on provider and location.

Reduced security costs compared to guards

Full-time manned security guards are the right fit for many businesses, but not every business can afford to staff trained security professionals on their properties.

Security guards cost $15 to $100 per hour for experienced armed guards. For businesses with no budget for trained full-time security guards, live video monitoring offers a more cost-effective alternative that uses people and technology to combat crime.

Making existing security operations more efficient

As the Microsoft/Accenture report puts it: “Physical security will also be able to do more with less, improving operating efficiency and reducing operating and capital expenses by up to 30 to 50%.”

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