There’s More to Live Video Monitoring Than You Think

Video security has come a long way, so much so that the full capabilities of a modern system may surprise even business owners who rely on them. The days of clunky cameras, scarce storage, and lack of customization are gone. 

Nowadays there are choices—and technology—to fit your specific security needs. This is why understanding your options is more important than ever. To maximize the full potential of a video system, you need to know what its capabilities are and how they can work for you. 

Live video monitoring is an increasingly popular security tool for businesses of all sizes and industries, but not everyone understands what it is. So what exactly is live video monitoring, and how can it be customized to fit a variety of business needs? 

How live video monitoring works

Live video monitoring protects physical spaces in real time, with a combination of AI-enhanced video technology and on-call surveillance experts ready to support. The system works fast to spot a potential threat, issue an alert if the threat is real, deter the threat with a recorded warning, and dispatch authorities if needed. 

This multi-layered security system includes:

  • AI-powered cameras that distinguish between harmless objects and people, reducing false alarms and helping faster response times.
  • A virtual fence that protects your entire perimeter and tells the cameras where to point and what “line” is considered the protected zone of your system. 
  • Automated speakers to deter intruders by forcefully alerting them they are being watched and recorded—if they cross your virtual fence. 
  • 24/7 professional monitoring that provides support, verifies alarms, and dispatches police as needed.
  • Full cloud capabilities to fit your video storage and access needs.

These features work together to form a shield around any type of business property, including indoor offices, large outdoor spaces, construction sites, vehicle fleets, and more. 

What every live video monitoring system provides

When a business is looking at video security options, it helps to have a clear understanding of what exactly they will get. Most of our live video monitoring systems come with: 

  • AI-enhanced equipment and analytics that distinguish, detect, and deter threats while constantly gathering information to improve service.
  • A virtual perimeter that guards hard-to-protect outdoor spaces and is triggered when crossed. 
  • On-call monitoring agents that are ready to respond to triggered events and lend support as needed.
  • Alarm verification from specialists that reduces false alarms and improves response time.
  • Crime intervention in the form of live or recorded warnings to potential intruders, scaring them off and preventing a crime before it occurs.
  • Live video access so you can see what’s happening on your property at any time.
  • Burglar alarm integration so you can arm and disarm the system through your burglar alarm system.
  • Remote troubleshooting for times when an issue with the system requires an expert’s advice. 

Choosing a security system that fits your needs: live video monitoring vs. event-based video monitoring

Flexibility and customization are two words that are music to a business owner’s ears. That’s because every business is different and has specific needs when it comes to staffing, space, and budget. 

Not every business may need the full features of live video monitoring—and for those cases there is event-based video monitoring. Event-based video monitoring has many of the benefits of live video monitoring, but it stores footage more efficiently because it only records event clips instead of continuous footage. Using less storage space can help you save money in the long run. 

Here’s a look at how live video monitoring and event-based video monitoring compare.


  • Live video monitoring and event-based video monitoring both use cameras with embedded artificial intelligence. 

Cloud compatibility and storage

  • Live video monitoring is fully cloud compatible and stores all footage in the cloud, continuously, no matter if the footage features an “event” or not.
  • Event-based video monitoring is also cloud compatible but only stores footage of  triggered “events” in the cloud.  

Accessing recorded footage

  • Live video monitoring lets you view any footage for up to 30 days, or longer depending on the storage options you selected.
  • Event-based video monitoring gives you access to the footage of your events stored in the cloud for up to 30 days, or longer depending on the storage options you selected.

Phone app and web platform access

  • Both options give you access to a phone app and web platform to view your footage and manage your account. 

Choosing the right fit means choosing the right security partner

Businesses have a good idea of how much protection they need and what type of threats they face. But is live video monitoring the right solution for your business—or is event-based video monitoring better? It all starts with how you are going to use the system. Make sure to go with a partner that understands your needs and has enough options to meet those needs.  

Unlike other video systems, live video monitoring is not a one-size-fits-all operation. It can deliver top-notch security for business owners with unique needs and specific budgets. Take your security to the next level and watch your business follow. For a security partner with experience in your region and expertise in the field, let Bay Alarm help you build a safer business. 

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