The Human Touch: Mixing AI With On-the-Ground Agents

There’s no denying that AI-powered technology offers you a chance to step up your business’s security game. AI-powered cameras, which can perform the same functions as humans but in superhuman ways, offer advanced image clarity, impressive analytical functions, and capabilities like analyzing crowd movement patterns.  

Even though AI can do amazing things, there are still benefits to having a live agent respond to your property. If you want the best protection for your business, consider an approach that combines AI-powered cameras with live security agent services (SAS).

Security agents: there when you need them

Security agents can be at your business whenever or wherever you need them. Typically, these services fall under one of three categories:

  • Guard patrol. Trained experts to patrol or stand guard on your property.
  • Agent response. A guaranteed response by a live agent to a triggered alarm.
  • Standing guard. Security experts on site specially trained to keep your staff and property safe.

The undeniable power of AI

AI-powered security systems are appealing because they offer an array of high-value functions aimed at preventing crime rather than responding to it. And they perform these functions extremely well, with precision and clarity. 

 Your AI-powered security system can:

  • Provide advanced image clarity. The current generation of AI-powered security cameras offers a level of image clarity previously unimaginable for commercial security systems. They can see faces clearly and distinguish between them, and can even zoom in and focus on an object in motion if needed, reducing blurriness and confusion.   
  • Perform business functions, like counting people. With an AI-powered camera, you can get an accurate count of people on your site at any time or know exactly how many cars are in your parking lot. 
  • Identify motion and analyze in real time. AI-powered security cameras can tell the difference between harmless motion, like a cat running or a bush rustled by the breeze, and a true threat, like a trespasser. This can help prevent false alarms.
  • Verbally warn trespassers, and notify security agents of an active threat. If an AI-powered camera detects a legitimate threat, it can issue a verbal warning to a trespasser that they’re being monitored and the authorities are on their way. Adding a security agent to the mix means you can have a live person responding faster than the police in some cases. 
  • Get smarter over time. AI technology is designed to get more accurate over time as it gathers information and data. And with future updates to the analytics and software, your system will get better and better at protecting your property.

The human touch

While AI-powered cameras perform functions beyond the capabilities of a live security agent, there are still some essential functions only a human can perform. 

Security agents play a critical role in:

  • Verifying alarms and alerts. While AI-powered cameras can identify threats, a live security agent can show up to the scene if a trespasser will not leave and collaborate with local authorities to guarantee the safety of a site. Having this additional layer can be valuable as false alarms can eat up community resources and even result in a fine in some jurisdictions.
  • Responding to an incident quickly. Because it’s their job’s main focus, an dedicated security agent will be able to respond to a security incident faster than any law enforcement agent. Law enforcement has to balance alarm calls with all other emergency calls, so having someone who will respond no matter what can make a difference. 
  • Deterring would-be criminals. Sometimes simply the presence of a live security agent on a site is enough to scare off a potential trespasser. While AI-powered cameras are powerful, there is nothing like a real person to deter a trespasser after hours.
  • Ensuring staff and visitors feel safe. An on-site security agent can help staff and visitors feel safe and at ease during business hours. When your employees know someone is there to screen visitors, respond quickly to an event, or regularly patrol, they’ll feel confident that you take security seriously and that they’re safe at work.

While AI-powered security cameras can provide you with an awesome array of security functions they are even more effective when a live security agent backs them. Contact us today to learn how you can create a customized security solution that combines the best of these two essential security tools.

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