Connect Your iPad or Android Device to Your Tuxedo Touch Keypad

The Tuxedo Touch has a built-in web server allowing a user to control their security system from anywhere in their home from an iPad or Android mobile device! We will use an iPad to explain the connecting process. The process works similarly if you are using an Android device.

Look for the IP address in the lower left corner of the Tuxedo Touch’s home screen. Write down the IP address for the entry into your mobile device. Now, from your iPad’s Wi-Fi setup screen, ensure that you are connected to your home’s wireless router. Connect now if you are not. 

Navigate to your iPad home screen and select the Safari browser. Enter the IP address that you noted from the Tuxedo Touch. Your iPad should now display a screen similar to the Tuxedo Touch’s home screen. 

To access this control center on your iPad, add the page as an app on your home screen. 

Choose ‘Add to Home’ from the Safari browser bookmark icon. You now have an icon on your iPad to quickly access your Tuxedo Touch control!

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